5 New Action Packed Stranglehold Videos

Chow Yun–Fat reprises the role of Inspector Tequila from John Woo's influential action film, "Hard Boiled" in this hyperkinetic shooting game. Run into danger with both fists full of lead and take down the organized crime bosses who stepped over the line when they took your family. Stop at nothing as you destroy the entire world around you to get them back.

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PS360 BLU-HD4131d ago

The demo was good. I just don't know if I will spend $60 on this game. This one reminds me of Max Payne with next gen features. I hope the online is cool.

Rhezin4131d ago

when is this game coming out, today or next week

hawkorn4131d ago

This game seems a little lackluster in the multilayer department

shysun4131d ago

I like the MultiPlayer slow-mo Idea...could be great.