Video Games Showdown: Master Chief Vs. Noble Six

IGN: "They're both super soldiers charged with saving humanity from the alien forces of the covenant. Join as we put the iconic Master Chief up against Halo franchise newcomer Noble 6."

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Shoko2824d ago

Noble 6 would go up-the-ass with Master Chief. Noble 6 was in a more epic game and had a much more epic struggle therefore making him a much more epic character xD

(bad-assery wise, since they both lack personality.)

asphogears2824d ago

Their both great and iconic characters but Noble 6 was so badass. He's such a pro.

clarkjudo2824d ago

Everyone likes the idea of being the hero. John (Master Chief) was praised as the hero it seems from the beginning with his own teammates. But he became known by the alien covenant as a demon overtime. Since the fait of another fallen solider, Noble 6 was next in line for duty. Noble 6 was hand picked but was just an ordinary good solider needing to prove his worth. The Super Hero VS "the new guy". I think it it more meaningful to be someone who develops into a hero through the struggle of challenging situations. Rather than some who seems to be manufactured to be a hero already for some unknown reason.

FCOLitsjustagame2823d ago

Supporting staff should have went to Six and this should have been a tie.