What’s in a Name: PlayStation Move Heroes Developer Walkthrough

Cristian Cardona, Associate Product Marketing Manager, writes:

"The title “Heroes on the Move” has always been a working title for our upcoming Spring 2011 PlayStation Move crossover game. When we debuted the game at E3 this summer, the game was still in its infancy and we couldn’t wait to show you a sneak peek. Since then, we’ve been unveiling bits and pieces of the game at Gamescom, PAX Prime, Tokyo Game Show, and most recently at New York Comic Con where we unveiled the title’s new official name, PlayStation Move Heroes. Same great cast of characters, same great PlayStation Move action, just a new official name."

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jack_burt0n2856d ago

good old move works even when the camera cant see anything lol, does show you that the mini games like that would work just fine with sixaxis let alone move.

Looks good though, worth getting just to have all the characters together in one game.

Cajun Chicken2856d ago

God, change the game name again, already.