Has Spec Ops benefited from a hard time in Berlin? Part 2

CVG writes: "In part one of our Spec Ops: The Line feature we were introduced to Yager Development, a group of guys who grew up on both sides of a Germany divided by the Berlin Wall.

In part two the team talks about life after the collapse of the wall and the drastic change of lifestyle that resulted from it."

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CombineElite2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

I don't know about these guys as I didn't read the article but as for the game, Spec Ops The Line...

at first the graphics were all brown but it seems it will have Just Cause 2 type of graphics which is a good thing if they maintain that level and all the nice colors.

The story seems good, I love that they are in Dubai versus New York Iraq or Afghanistan.

The third person cover system is a nice change from all the FPS modern warfare games out now but will it surpass Gear of War is yet to be scene.

Spec Ops so far looks to be progressing nicely. Here is a trailer with a cool soundtrack.