IGN: Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and the Great Gold Hype

People are once again at the threshold of a new console Zelda title. And, boy, have things changed. A moment that should be full of giddy excitement is instead tainted with pessimistic reservations. And that's too bad, because, although the latest installment has stumbled out of the gate, that doesn't mean it can't go the distance.

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tunaks12896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

"That first image also proved to be unintentionally misleading as to what direction Skyward Sword was going to take graphically."

I have to agree with this, from the concept art it looked closer to TP, and I was expecting an art-style similar to TP and even The Last Story. After the initial What the? when they revealed it,
Skyward Sword is looking really nice.

The trailer was another problem, it was good- but really didnt show anything about the story, and if you watch Twilight Princess reveal there is a lacking "epic" feeling in skyward swords trailer.

I can't wait for SS, looks amazing.

isntchrisl2896d ago

I actually dig the new art style. It blends the two well. Not that I wouldn't like another game in the same vein as Twilight Princess...