PC Costume Quest Possible If Console Version Is 'A Huge, Huge Hit'

Earlier today, Tim Schafer and Tasha Harris took live questions over Facebook about DoubleFine's recently released title Costume Quest.

Amongst these queries was "Any hope for a PC version?" to which Schafer and Harris replied "Yes, if Costume Quest is a huge, huge hit!"

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NYC_Gamer2860d ago

why not just release this on pc from the start?

Yi-Long2860d ago

... they either should have priced it at 800 pts instead of 1200 pts, or added a little more everything to the game (difficulty, length, voices, etc)

I loved the demo, but at 1200 pts, I can wait for it to get a price-drop.

hay2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

With all due respect to Tim, I didn't like the game. It's obviously targeted towards Halloween liking demography.
I live where Halloween idea is just plain dumb for our culture and couldn't feel the nostalgia factor.

This game just isn't for everyone and I feel a bit disappointed.
All Schafer's titles were universal while trying to capture unique spirit, Brütal Legend was fun not only for fans of metal. Grim Fandango? Everyone should play it. Psychonauts? The same. Costume Quest? If you don't get Halloween, this game has nothing to keep you playing.

I'm your big fan Tim, have your games collection, but sorry, this game just doesn't whisper to me.