X-Play Unlocks The Rock Band 3 Endless Setlist Achievement

"Want to know the level of commitment required to unlock the Endless Setlist achievement in the soon to be released Rock Band 3? It sounds innocent enough: play all 83 songs in one sitting. However, as X-Play’s Abbie Heppe, Matt Keil, and J.P. Shub found out, plowing through RB3’s massive track selection in one go is far from the glamorous feat you’d think it would be. Still, they powered on, and now you can witness their heroic journey by checking out the following video. Warning: serious gamer dedication ahead."

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drewboy7042856d ago

Now I have to waist my ENTIRE Saturday doing this all in the name of 50 gamerscore? Lets Rock

NikoleSmash2856d ago

I love achievements but 7+ hours? Ugh :(

Myst2856d ago

Uh...I'm going to need some help for this and need to call off of work for a day. Not to mention I'll have to stock food to make sure I'm situated while doing this. First time attempting and I hope in the last few minutes that something won't happen as to where I don't get the trophy...