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Jason Trent with GoozerNation writes: "It's clear that Sony and Nvidia want us to invest in 3D entertainment, but is this technology something that can improve our gaming experience?"

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Chaostar2832d ago

First an article bad mouthing Jack Tretton, now another '3D is teh dooomez' article.

Goozernation who are you and why should I read your hate.

JudoChinX2832d ago

Hate? Did you read the article perchance? It's just about my experiences with a couple of 3D games and my gripes with them. Basically, 3D is not great for gaming, at least now.

raztad2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Well it seems you had a bad experience with nVIDIA and two games that werent designed to run in 3D. I think it is too early to be writing gloom articles. Before jumping to conclusions give some PS3 3D retrofited games a try. MS:Pacific 3D Rift is a good example. Of course games made from the ground up to run in 3D would be much better showcases.

morganfell2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

The same assumptive and erred articles from trash sites like this have peppered this site for 2 years. Bluray is doomed. The PS3 is doomed. The PSP is doomed. Move is doomed. Sony is doomed. You're doomed.

In reality the only thing doomed are worthless sites like goozernation and the diminishing intellect of it's 15 year old writer.

Here is a sign certain sites aren't worth a breath of bad air. One person writes and submits their own articles. Then they go on the defense the minute you disagree. They love to sit in their room jabbering away by keyboard spewing articles, questioning craftsmen, and insulting our intelligence. But the minute the light is turned on them they have a temper tantrum.

Ego alert.

"Pay attention to me! I matter!"

No, you don't. Really you don't. And neither do your attempts at hit inducing bombastic articles that are little more than mental sewage.

zoks3102831d ago

BS, everyone is saying otherwise, 3D is the future, but dont expect high sales because it still in early its adoption phase. Stop the hate

Theoneneo812831d ago

who the hell is goozernation anyway?

Boody-Bandit2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Your opinion is noted. Not taken seriously but noted none the less.
Mine differs. Unlike most people I actually give technology a chance before I pass judgement. I have yet to see 3D gaming that I did not like. I think it adds another level of immersion like nothing else I have experienced before.

Every person I know that has witnessed 3D gaming first hand have all said the same thing as myself. It truly adds a level of depth and immersion like nothing else any of us have ever tried before. 3D gaming isn't going any where any time soon.

darthv722831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

everyone's experience will differ. That is pretty much common sense. People who wear glasses or contacts will suffer more problems than those with 20/20 vision. Even those with perfect vision will have issues depending on the type of glasses and content.

3D is nice but it will kill itself if it keeps getting put on things that dont deserve it. Crap in 2d given the 3d treatment is just 3d crap.

There is a market for it just like there is a market for streaming media/games. Is that market now...? I do know that each time 3d has made a come round, it has been better than before.

The push by sony for 3d is somewhat questioning however. I dont know if they really think this is the time or if it is all they got left this gen. I do know that tv's with ultra definition resolutions are on the horizon. Will they too be 3D or have those companies invested to much in such a high resolution output?

tacosRcool2831d ago

3D gaming will be the future so why say its already DOA?

Flamebait is what this article screams

HolyOrangeCows2831d ago

Just like HDTV was DOA because not everyone bought it day one.

PSFan1002831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

I only agree that it's a little expensive to get a 3D TV, at the moment. The rest, I disagree. I think you've based an opinion on 3D with games that were not even designed to be in 3D and then concocted your verdict as, meh. (or " Basically, 3D is not great for gaming, at least now")
Moan, moan, moan, that's all people do about the glasses, get over it.
All i know is, as soon a 3D tvs come down in price, i will get one. Not only that but, everyone who buys a new TV will get 3D included. Why? Because ALL new HD TVs will eventually get the feature added. (just like SD is being upgraded to HD) Therefore HOW IS IT DEAD?

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iMad2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

why should we not to read?

i want 3d without glasses. period.

lol at sony and nvidia...both companies lossing ground in gaming. and 3d is a good move for them to sell more.

Parapraxis2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

How is Sony "lossing ground" in gaming?

*checks iMad's comment history"
Never mind, clearly you are a troll.

cyborg69712831d ago

Umad imad? Just cause your poo60 can't do this don't hate congratulate.

HolyOrangeCows2831d ago

"i want 3d without glasses"

Then enjoy having a TV with a 2 degree viewing angle and paying more for it, too.

JimmyJames702832d ago

Where's the article about Jack Tretton?

Chaostar2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

I think it failed approval, can't seem to find a link.

My apologies I think I might have mixed sites up here :S

The Jack Tretton thing was a different site, DOH!

Chaostar2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Yes I read the article, it was just a perpetuation of a misinformed consensus, with little to no valid points made. You took it upon yourself to write this article with only two PC games worth of 3D experience and you think you can proclaim in your flame-bait title that 3D gaming is "dead on arrival"?

To be quite honest I've seen more thought-out articles in The Sun (UK trashy newspaper for people who don't know). Now, please try harder next time, maybe you can earn yourself a little credibility.

edit: Apologies for the Jack Tretton comment as that was someone else, my opinion of your article still stands though.


It's the same case for HDTVs in the market.

WLPowell2831d ago

everything after the joystick is a gimmick, there are useful gimmicks that will have a long life, and there are stupid gimmicks like the power pad.

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Daver2832d ago

your article is ''dead on arrival''.. I guess it is just an opinion but do people really want yours?

JimmyJames702832d ago

Um, yeah, I want to read his opinion. He's a real gamer and not some corporate schmuck trying to make deadline or sell something.

I have no interest in 3D gaming if I have to wear glasses.

Daver2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

yea sure you want his opinion because you want to confirm your thoughts about 3d technology? Why need someone else to think for yourself when you already know what you think of it...

mac20man2832d ago

So was blu-ray and the Wii!!!

JimmyJames702832d ago

Blu-Ray was not DOA. It was in a heated competition with MS's HD and it wound up winning.

liquidgravity2832d ago

3D gaming I guess is good for some and not for others. When ever you can give me the 3D experience with out the glasses then I might jump on board. Its crazy to pay $180 bucks for a pair of 3D glasses, course they might be cheaper else where but not here. I guess if your rich then why not but not this guy. No glass or no deal!

RyanDJ2832d ago

I want 3d gaming to make a difference. Yeah, it's cool, but I want it to be worth something. Like the 3DS games I hear about where you have to turn the machine and look behind things. Other than that, I'd rather see gaming innovation than eye candy.

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