Sony Protecting Gran Turismo 5?

So GT5 has been delayed again, why you ask? Perhaps it's not for the reasons you think. "...there was another theory as to why GT5 suddenly couldn’t make the November release circulating on the internet. It is purely speculation and yet it would make an awful lot of sense. A little earlier this year a team of hackers created some software that Playstation 3 owners could copy onto their HDD’s to enable their consoles to support pirated versions of games. Now Sony has taken legal action against some of those responsible for the ‘jailbreak’ software as it has been named, but there are still users who are operating and developing illegal hacks."

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Super_092854d ago

They probably want to make it the best it can be. Sony needs to revive its Star Series.

sinncross2854d ago

Why is Sony protecting Gt5?

Cuase GT is the best selling Ip by a good few million...

kaveti66162853d ago

Except for Call of Duty and the Super Mario franchise.

tacosRcool2853d ago

They are so selfish!

Let us in on the fun!

darthv722853d ago

its more like we as gamers are seriously spoiled by this gen and will settle for nothing less than perfection when it comes to THIS game. Sony knows it is the franchise that is their most coveted.

All previous games released for the ps3 have been tests to see consumer reaction. Scrutinizing every small detail is so insane this gen and (imo) i think it is ruining gaming as a whole for some because they are so obsessed with that perfection (or imperfection).

Big titles like kz2 and gow3 are great but didnt tip the scale that gamers wanted to see so now the pressure is on this one. Sony is confident that this game wil be THE tipping point and push them past both 360 AND wii this gen.

I will give them credit for that but I just want the game in return.

360nPS3rTheSAME2853d ago

I think that goes to mario or halo

ABizzel12853d ago

I don't think they're protecting it, I think they are making GT5 the PS3 title. It's what the PS3 is capable of, and it's throwing in everything under the kitchen sink.

GT5 is the PS3 maxed out. And I'm sure they want to make it perfect, and without any any hitch at launch.

vsr2853d ago

After people realizes how the over hyped COD, kinect below the expectations, It will be the right time. i.e december

raztad2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Has got to be a rhetorical question. Some one tell me it is.

I read the article. *Sigh*. Sony will take all the necessary measures to warrant GT5 (or any other PS3 title, be exclusive or multiplat) not to be piracy prone, be offline or online. That is absolutely common sense, and expected.

Crystallis2853d ago

""I think that goes to mario or halo""

Mario maybe, halo NO!

CimmerianDrake2853d ago

A list of the best selling franchises.

That answer your question? Try finding Halo in the top 10.

Chimerhazzard2853d ago

The Halo franchise sold more than the Metal Gear franchise... that's just sad.

2853d ago
Defective Bot2853d ago

Actually Halo is behind GT in the Sales department, every GT besides GT2 sold well past 10 million units, Halo on the other hand only had Halo 3 break past the 10 million mark.

nickjkl2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

anyone expecting street racing in gran turismo 6

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Minimox162853d ago

I heard it got delayed because they will include zombie mode in GT5 /joking.. xD

On Topic:

Gt5 it's one of the best selling game franchise.

guitarded772853d ago

That actually made me laugh... bubbles 4 U.

Dark-Cloud2853d ago

i didn't see this as a funny thing ... i dunno why >.<

SSKILLZ2853d ago

Funny , we CAN run them over , but not to much or are car Gets serious damage ^_^

zeddy2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

even the the most stubborn pirate should pay for this game. it took 5+ years to make over 70 million dollars in cost, if any game was worth it, this one is!

WoshJills2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

That doesn't mean Polyphony Digital will lose money or time just because it took 70 million dollars in expenses and 5 years to develop one game.

If you remember, Sony decided to sell the prologue while the game was still in development to cover operational costs. It's pretty smart if you ask me: the game is practically paid for and it hasn't even debuted. It explains why they can delay the game so many times while other games are sold unfinished or rushed (Final Fantasy XIV.)

The abundance of revenue allows for more development time which insures quality, which insures great reviews, which insures great sales, which insures more money, which everyone likes.

I agree with you though: everyone should pay for the games they enjoy. If everyone pirated videogames we'd have nothing to play because developers wouldn't have jobs.

nickjkl2852d ago

its only been delayed onces

EvilBlackCat2853d ago

@ Super_09
"They probably want to make it the best it can be. Sony needs to revive its Star Series."

IM IN SHOCK! how the hell you have 5 agrees with that comment? Are you still alive?

Sheddi2853d ago

I actually agree with you
Revive? Gran Turismo? is that a bad joke or something?

Ares84PS32853d ago

Also the latest videos I've's the same old Gran Turismo with better graphics.

cervantes992853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Same old Halo, same old COD, same old Mario ... the list goes on, but that does not make any of those games bad.

Innovation is way overrated. Just give me perfect versions of my favorite games with a little innovation sprinkled on top and a few surprises from time to time (Heavy Rain, Limbo, etc).

This is why I love HD remakes.

Ares84PS32853d ago


It would be hard for me to play forza since I only own a PS3. Well, I lied...I own 2 PS3's.


It is boring for me to hear the same sounds see the same game over and over again. I thought that this Gran Turismo will be different.

But honestly I never liked GT that much. I was much more of a fan of NFS games and the like.

frostypants2853d ago

This article mentions the same theory that everyone already had.

Old news is old.

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Sirhc922854d ago

that the hacking and jailbreaking issue with Sony and the PS3 had been resolved already. from what I heard, the reason GT5 was delayed was because Sony and Polyphony believed that the November sales of the Microsoft's Kinect and release of Call of Duty: Black Ops would indefinitely hinder GT5's sales due to mass widespread hype over these products.

Thats what I found out. I dont know about this as being the "real" reason as you put it so conveniently.

Raikiri2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

how can Kinect, an xbox 360 add-on hurt GT5?

I understand how COD:black ops could hurt it, but Kinect? how?

EasilyTheBest2854d ago

...... Kinect will hurt it because of the half a billion Microsoft is spending on advertising, the advertising for GT5 will be drowned out in the Kinect hype.
See easy...

baker_boi2853d ago

Yeah but if you don't already have a PS3, those people aren't going to see GT5 and go, "OH! DAMN WHERE HAVE I BEEN!? A RACING GAME!"

GT5 has already advertised out, there was no more steam that could have been put behind the game.

If people were going to buy GT5 they weren't going to not buy it because Kinetic was in the store at the same time lol.

nickjkl2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

one its called kinect

two gt hasnt even begun advertising

avengers19782853d ago

Maybe to avoid Black Ops and AC 2, but not Kinect totally different demographic. Plus a PS3 exclusive isn't really going to be effected by a 360 add-on.

INFECTED5032854d ago

I'm thinking they are adding Move support and having a tough time doing it!

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

The game is pretty much already finished along with 3D, Head Tracking with PS Eye and other stuff. Move is probably a Feature.

But the delay probably is because GT5 is going to be implemented with the new firmware against the PSJailbreak (like Medal of Honor).

NexGen762853d ago

That didn't stop the Hacker because they now have MOH & any game that run 3.42 FW working on Jailbreak consoles......To be honest i don't even think we going to see GT5 this year.

irepbtown2853d ago

I read Medal Of Honor was delayed because of the use of Taliban. Basically you could play as Taliban, which got people furious. But i didnt understand, a ex soldier helped out with MoH (loads did actually) and he said people need to know the difference. He also continued and said that even soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq etc would be playing the game.

On topic, Gran Turismo 5 could be affected by Kinect, because people who own a PS3 and 360. Wheres the brains at?

TheHip142854d ago

Move for GT5? that could be interesting lol


Because it's ACTUALLY a GOOD game and it's WORTH playing, unlike everything else this gen.

I can't wait to get my first PROPER and ENJOYABLE game this gen.

PS2&PS1 Gen FTW!

TagMeIn2854d ago

Wants to know why you like living in it. Lol i'm sorry, I couldn't help that. I'm just kidding around

RememberThe3572853d ago

This gen is not nearly as bad as as your making it seem. I've been have a great time with some really quality games.

I guess some people just can't handle change.


Yeah that's why I bought a PS2 after the PS1 and a PS3 after the PS2, I wouldn't be buying them if couldn't handle change. If the change form the PS2 to the PS3 was a better one then I probably wouldn't be complaining but it obviously wasn't

Length, gameplay & quality, something a lot of games this gen don't have AT ALL!