IGN: EA Sports Active 2 Will Get You Off the Couch

When you first hop into EA Sports Active 2, it's immediately evident that it's not a game designed for those who really value their headshots and experience point bonuses. Instead, EA Sports Active 2 is built for those with even the slightest inclination that they should put down the doughnut, get off the couch and burn a few calories for a change.

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btk2856d ago

Another Sports game. Seems like all the publishers thinks that the Wii's success is because of Wii Sports and all are trying to get some part of the action.

Pass for me on this.

tacosRcool2856d ago

Its just better to go play outside

darkdoom30002856d ago

I would rather not. I like sitting on my couch. And if I were to stand up, it would be for a worthwile game. like kung fu live. or the booche ball in sports champions (can't underarm swing when on couch :/)

Bigpappy2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Thats why there as so many fitness games. You'll see them on Move too. Don't worry. You will not be left out.

IrishYamato2856d ago

There is only one thing in this world that's going to get me off my couch, and that's my fridge.