EMEAA Weekly Chart for Week Ending 16th Oct 2010

DS - 91,491 (-1%)
360 - 69,514 (+1%)
PS3 - 67,474 (-3%)
Wii - 59,002 (+3%)
PSP - 29,190 (-1%)
PS2 - 16,248 (-3%)

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ssj2857d ago

It seems Move is yet to prove itself as a system seller.

SuperStrokey11232857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

whole **** man, look at your post history. Do you do anything other than bad mouth move and sales? Really man why cant you just enjoy games. Thats crazy your post history, borderline OCD.

2857d ago
GreenRingOfLife2857d ago

Wow not only is the 360 ahead, but they even increased 1%! while other products have seemed to decrease....

RememberThe3572857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

GreenRing, you have become the new Breakfast. You are a complete joke, and I thank you for that. I don't mean that in a mean way, but your undying optimism for the 360 has become hilarious.

zootang2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Japan hardware sales

PSP – 37,127
PS3 – 22,201
DSi LL – 21,084
DSi – 20,084
Wii – 12,810
DS Lite – 5,268
Xbox 360 – 2,342
PS2 – 1,715
PSP go – 1,590

I know you like to have all the sales data.

Nitrowolf22857d ago

he is breakfest and maybe even pp
idk i think they are all the same people

TagMeIn2857d ago

He forgot to add creepy to his
discription... #1
1d ago by SuperStrokey1123 | talking about Milo
What are you talking about,
kinectimals is retarded. #2.1.1
3h ago by SuperStrokey1123 | View
Go skittles go! #11
2d ago by SuperStrokey1123 |

commodore642857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

360 still outselling ps3 in Europe?

Didn't Sony just release their much vaunted PS Move thing?
Wasn't that supposed to sell ps3s?
What happened?

Honestly, I hope GT5 sells a few more ps3 skus, because when Kinect hits I predict a lot more 360 sales on top of the lead they already have now.
Just saying.

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Seijoru2857d ago

Looks like the Reach and Slim boost has almost completely died down.

Imperator2857d ago

I wonder why people disagreed when you're stating a fact.

PS360fanboy2857d ago

Yes, the PS3 is getting closer to the XBox 360 each week...

Ju2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Well, check back tomorrow, when they'll update the data with the PS3 being ahead again (like last week).

uxo222857d ago

Naw, it's just catching its breath for the Kinect boost that due in a couple of weeks.

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NewsForMe2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

It's all advertising. Kinect is going to fly of the shelves regardless of the quality of the final product. It won't be current Xbox 360 owners buying it for the most part. Microsoft is going to get all the kids and soccer moms buying an Xbox 360. Maybe Kinect will be good, maybe it won't. All I know is be ready for an explosion of Xbox 360 sales next month and the month after, especially in the US.

Mamajuana2857d ago

It doesn't matter how good or bad the hardware nor software for Kinect will be, it will sell a a lot. The casual market doesn't care if the games are good or not, if they see something "cool" on TV they'll go out and buy it.

Bigpappy2857d ago

But they thought it was a fanboy comment. The Move will not attract new people to buy a PS3. The Move is selling to current owners who are hoping it would make DS3 games different or better. So I think Sony is in danger of the Move fading away like the Eyetoy. They can get casuals because it is to Wii-like, and the core will go back to DS3. Developer support will stay around mostly to port wii games over. Lets see were stans next year this time. I could be wrong but that is the way I see the Move at this point.

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dante-2857d ago

once again 360 beat ps3

BrianG2857d ago

Really? Not only was that unnecessary, but honestly expected, but really?

I can see if the numbers were double, sure, why not say "yay".

TekoIie2857d ago

How about i say Playstation has beaten 360 because it very much has in sales...

Drycell042857d ago

I wonder who would win if they both were priced the same.

silvacrest2857d ago

this is why you have 2 bubbles btw

also the difference in sales is nothing to shout about

Pennywise2856d ago


PS3 1,048,450 (-19%) 111,745,633 (6.38)
X360 788,069 (-9%) 106,492,598 (6.18)

The 360 beat the PS3 by about 2,100 consoles. The PS3's software outsold the 360s by 260k - WITH HALO:REACH out for only a couple weeks.

Week after week this is the same situation. The 360 buyers are upgrading their console and not expanding their user base while the PS3 sales are expanding their user base based on the software sales.

So you guys chant about sales - Look at the real sales. The money making sales. Software.

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xg-ei8ht2857d ago

32%+ Jump for PS3 in australia.

Nice increase.

a08andan2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Move can only be a system seller when there are enough games that would make people who doesn't already own a ps3 go out an buy it. So far, game wise, the Wii has the upper hand. Until the Move gets some more titles and one real hardcore Move "killer title" and/or a real casual Move "killer title" it isn't very likely to be a system-seller.

acere2857d ago


Anon19742857d ago

As long as they keep VGChartz's best guesses in the rumor section, I don't see the harm in them. Lots of people estimates sales, some with more success than others. What I do have a problem with is these estimates being passed off as news. Sales figures from each company is news. Sales figures from a fan run web site with a 2% sales sample in the US and god knows what else everywhere else in the world and the rest of the numbers made up aren't news.

Hell, I could do that. 45! 27,998! 90,000!
That carries about as much weight as VGChartz - which is none. That's why no one uses VGChartz anymore. There was a time when they were more diligent when it came to adjusting their data when more accurate data was available and they were even quoted by some media outlets. When was the last time that happened? There's a reason for that.