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sinncross2743d ago

Thats pretty good sales.

It just launched in Japan: i wonder what month 1 will be for Move over there.

Shadow Flare2743d ago

Ps3 has been the best selling console in japan for a while now so move sales should be good. Move should hit 3 million total which was microsofts target for kinect and it isn't even Xmas yet

Pity the fools who said move bombed

Shadow Flare2743d ago

Renting a bigger basement for kinect

MaximusPrime2743d ago

same group of people who said bluray bombed

cmrbe2743d ago

Think about it. Europe is Sony's biggest region and it gets the most. Second is NA and then Japan.

I really do think that alot of current PS3 owners are flocking to move which is why it's sold out in most stores and why it sold this well so far. I think Sony underestimated the appeal of move to the current PS3 userbase which i think is where most of the sales is from.

Hideo_Kojima2743d ago

And I still haven't bought mine.

I am definitely buying it am just waiting for Sorcery.
The other games are good too but I don't have money for it now.
Sorcery seems too good.

raztad2743d ago



PSMOVE is definitely a success among current PS3 userbase. It just appeals core gamers. To improve adoption by casuals a proper price drop is needed. $400 total is a steep price to pay just to play EyePet or Sport Champions.

coldfoot2743d ago

Considering there really aren't any must have titles in the lineup. Sports Champions and rail shooters are so far the only really decent games for it.

Move needs a star wars lightsaber game instead of that waggle-fest gladiator game, that would drive sales up by a lot.

number472743d ago

Minus Half a billion in advertising.

cmrbe2743d ago

The thing is i haven't seen much Move of move ads in mainstream media which is why i am surprised it sold this much already. Then i thought about the current PS3 userbase.

The move is also relatively cheap. Its just like buying a new DS3. Plus PS3 owners already have PS3. The cost is really is not an issue to upgrade. Couple with the fact that there are already core games like HR,RE5 and RUSE that uses move with upcomming top PS3 games like GT5,SOCOM4 and KZ3 using it. I am not really surprised the PS3 core fansbase have flocked to it. Last but not least. Move is an exceptional device that works!!.

Come to think of it. Sony really did think it through with move. The big issue though is the new owners and it will be interesting to see what SOny will do to entice them to buy a PS3 with move. I guess thats where the coke ads will come in.

doa7662743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

very trusted sites reported that it bombed, how can this be?

I refused to doubt the honesty of the sites and analysts who said that it had bad sales, Sony must be lying

darthv722743d ago

Sony's announcement that it has "shipped" 2.5 million of its PlayStation 3 Move wireless controllers...

That is a fantastic number. Now, how many did they "sell" in that period?

I kid, I kid. I also havent gotten mine yet so you can add me to the list this weekend. I tried it at fry's and sucked at table tennis but man was it fun.

sikbeta2743d ago

Hey! Where the FµCK is the Pachter-dude to shout his typical "it'z da failurez"


Great work Sony and only gets better now that PlayStation Move is out in JAPAN....

Chimerhazzard2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

I live in europe. I was never much into that "motion controller" stuff, and I really didn't care much for move / kinect. I hardware store near my house had a "20% off everything" promotion, so I decided to buy move and try it out.

I was really impressed by the robustness of the controller, it feels "quality". Also, I was expecting some sort of delay and there is nearly none. The control is really 1:1, perfect represenation of the moves I do in real life, even with very small and precise movements.

All in all, technology wise, Move is very very good. I see a lot of potential in this technology, I just hope that, software wise, things will become just as good as the hardware, casue right now, the Move library is still kinda limited, despite some good games like Sports Champions.

nnotdead2743d ago

same here. Sorcery is the only game that looked interesting because of motion controls. other good games may use motion, but non are better because of it (RUSE maybe?) if the game turns out good i may make my purchase then.

Sarcasm2743d ago

I just put in an order for a local mansion to get ready for Kinect.

Pachter_retard2743d ago

from the link:

"Although Sony's numbers are for controllers it had shipped to stores, there's a good chance that many of them, if not all, have sold. Many stores sell out of the devices as soon as they're received"

hot4play2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Like I said in another article, QUALITY HARDWARE will sell. Congrats to Sony and the gamers experiencing Move right now!


You mean this one (from an N4G article):

*Are you sure you're playing Gladiator right? Hehe, it's not a waggle-fest (at least based on my experience). Try playing it on Gold. You can't "waggle" your way to victory there. Precise timing of shield and sword are needed! :)

commodore642743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Sony 'shipped' 2.5 million controllers.

This is great news.
Obviously Sony is expecting to sell some or all of what they have shipped. The only problem is, those expected sales will achave been to the exisiting hardcore base. Actual PS3 console sales across the world haven't changed appreciably to reflect the Move shipments.

I can only imagine how much more Kinect will sell, given that it appeals to exisitng 360 owners as well as the new casual demographic.

Looks like motion control is the new thing.

DMason2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

I bought two controllers. So Im guessing that 1.5 million people bought 1-2 controllers based on those statistics. Everyone I know that has one bought at least two controllers. Archery just isnt the same game with one controller. Nocking that bow feels so damn gratifying with a second controller.


There's a good chance you'll see more unit sales in Sony's Move than Microsoft's Kinect. Most people will purchase two (or more) Move controllers while other's will purchase just one Kinect.

Wh15ky2743d ago

"Looks like motion control is the new thing."

Motion controls were the "new thing" back in '06 when Wii released. It's time now for motion controls to either evolve or disappear.
We'll just have to wait and see whether motion controlled gaming will be able to evolve with either Move or Kinect, I know which one my moneys on.

frostypants2743d ago

Shipped = sold with these controllers. They're sold out pretty much everywhere. Even Amazon will take at least a week to fill your order.

I'm still not buying it until I see more substance, though.

jerethdagryphon2742d ago

@ hot4play, glod isnt a wagglefest and champions cup requires thiking tatics and planning the ai is decent enough to not attack in very predicatble patterns just got my champions cup finished on it :)

2742d ago
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tinybigman2743d ago

i paid off for my 2 Moves and Nav on Monday, and the only piece i took home was the Nav. so i say it's a fairly safe bet that these numbers are spot on.

zeeshan2743d ago

PATCHER is such an idiot!

"It's ahead of what I thought previously," said Michael Pachter, an analyst with Wedbush Securities. "I think that they are a lock to sell 3 to 4 million by Dec. 31, and a lock to hit more than 5 million by fiscal year end" on March 31."

JoeReno2743d ago

Its his humble way of eating crow. I dont know how Patcher keeps his job.

iMad2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

That is shiped numbers from Sony to shops.
Sold to customers numbers will be lower. I guess by 30-50%.
Sony missleading propaganda as usual.

funny how this site proclaiming how Microsoft console and games bad but every time they outsell sony hardware&software.

reading this site comments lead me to conclusion microsoft sales should be around zero...but that is not happen...conclusion? comments on this site wrong and lie. but why there is so many of them?

why there is no so much versus comments on how bad Sony are?

If i was Sony i would pay to make for such Internet black PR company in order to lower opposition sales...Japans hate Americans and can't play fair play.

dead_eye2743d ago

Thought it was only MS that did that. Don't both Sony and Nintendo go by actual sold units.

HDgamer2743d ago

Jealous 360 fanboy is jealous. Why don't you get on microsoft for doing the same thing? Oh wait.

fishd2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )



TagMeIn2743d ago

Says so right in the summary. SHIPPED. Can't argue with that

dirtydbz2743d ago

it does say shiped but if you also read ( and do web reaserch) you will realise move is not the easiest thing to get ( is it possible sony is saving their ad budget for a time when they have a surplus of move controlls)

Anon19742743d ago

So we're arguing if this is shipped to stores or sold? What does it matter if it's sold out everywhere? Do you think there's a big warehouse somewhere where Wal-Mart is stock piling Move rather then selling them and making money? It's ridiculous. No one is in the business of stockpiling Move. If it's sold out everywhere - shipped versus sold is irrelevant. They're all sold.

DaTruth2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

It's not a console where you lose money on the device and make it up with software and installed base reporting is more important. It is a device for profit and each sold nets the shareholder money!

And since Move is on backorder at almost every retailer, I'm sure those are close to the consumer sales numbers... Damn, it might actually mean there are more sold than shipped!

redsquad2743d ago

So it says "SHIPPED", yet you consider the article "misleading" and "propaganda".

As for the rest of what you say... can't say I understood, so I won't bother with it.

Chimerhazzard2743d ago

You shipped 2.5 Million controllers, yet I can't find a second move controller anywhere. Damn this.

SpinalRemains1382743d ago

lol wow. Deepthroat Microsoft much?

JoeReno2743d ago


really 30-50%, you are mad. On the high end 15%, because I'm sure a few random in Arkansas has a couple sitting on the shelves, but in areas with a bigger population your not going to find many Move controllers sitting around.

no offense to the great people of Arkansas. It was just the 1st state to pop in to my head

Graey2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

...Don't mess with my state. Sure not many of us play video games and you could probably find some move controllers there. I'm sure however during the holiday rush even Arkansas will be out of them.

...You have been warned!! Sleep lightly Joe Reno...very lightly.


turnerdc2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Never had any problem finding Move controllers here. Best Buy, Target, Gamestop, and Wal-Mart always had a ton of them on the shelves.

EDIT: Talking about Conway and Little Rock.

Sackdude2742d ago

Sony makes money when they shipped to store, not sold to consumer. Why should Sony care if the retailer make money or not? Sold to consumer are tracks by retails and online store, not by Sony.

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jordanlund2743d ago

It would be good sales, if it were actually sales. Read it again:

"Sony's announcement that it has **shipped** 2.5 million..."

Shipped to retail != sold. They are sitting on retail shelves and in warehouses.

MrMccormo2743d ago

Add this article + the several articles reporting Move is sold out = "shipped" numbers and sold numbers are almost the same. Ain't math fun?

BillOreilly2743d ago

are you guys kidding i see 5 plus ps move commercials every DAY! its selling very good because their spending MILLIONS on MILLIONS for ads on every major channel. The ad with k butler moving in and the family goin crazy with move, i gurantee everyone here with a tv has seen it 50 times.

acedoh2743d ago

The Wii wasn't the hottest at launch. It was the PS3. But of course a great price and customer reaction took off like fire. The move should have the same effect. It's a lot of fun and anyone can get into it. Although SONY needs to do a better job with supply during the holidays. They have had a year to prep for this. If they short the market during the busiest time they are going to hurt themselves.

atlys2743d ago

actually, the wii was very hot at launch. there were many websites created solely for the purpose of tracking wii inventory so consumers knew where to go to get one, never saw any such thing with the ps3.

Fan Tastic2742d ago

Man, it was busy at work today!

Bottom line is if you love gaming, you love the PS3 and naturally the PS3 Move is the next must have for people that game.. not fanboys that game. Sure a person might not buy it first day but gamers will eventually.

nadoppp2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Let's see how popular PS MOVE is in Japan.

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RememberThe3572743d ago

It seems like a quality piece of hardware. But, I'll be waiting for a price drop and some sick exclusive software before I pick this up.

WLPowell2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

I'm assuming next E3 will be pretty good for PS3 owners whether they own a Move or not. Sony was unsure about Move's success this year and they still promised us Killzone 3, Little Big Planet 2, etc with Move support. We still haven't heard a lot from quite a few of their in-house devs this gen, and this thing has a good adoption rate going. Plus Nintendo will be probably going hard on the core games since they aren't the only motion controller anymore, and Sony's strongest asset has been their software lineup.

@Baka: I wouldn't doubt it if some mods had hoped that Move failed... Just my opinion seeing how Move/Kinect comment sections are moderated.

cmrbe2743d ago

but i really wanted to try our HR move and RE5 move. Sports Champion looks great but in the end its just another colletion of mini games. Great for short periods of fun but i already have wii sports for that.

scruffy_bear2743d ago

RE5 is ok with Move haven't try HR yet, but Sports Champions is a lot of fun and the demo of The Shoot is awesome can't wait for it, then there Fight and Time Crisis before Christmas very happy Move owner here


Heavy Rain with PS Move is better, it is more immersive than DS3 Controller.

jerethdagryphon2742d ago

ive sunck 25 hours in to sportschampions and im halfway through it, its got deapth its got a lot of staying power and its better with friends

Raoh2743d ago

solid sales considering the low marketing that has been in play.

they have shown the tech to hardcore gamers, magazines and other gaming sites, a few posters a few live shows.. but nothing major like ms's kinect when talking marketing..

so close to 3million without asia sales yet to boot is impressive..

doa7662743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Move will be compatible with PS4 so if you buy it now it will last you for a long time

maybe the camera might be upgraded but not the controllers

Ravage272743d ago

considering the light marketing and lack of killer apps.

Move should sell just as well in the next few months when games like KZ3 and Sorcery releases.

nickjkl2743d ago

and it just started selling in japan yesterday

redsquad2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Two people (so far) seem to think it didn't...

Scotland-The-Brave2743d ago

move is going to sell millions more, lol at the disagrees ^, and they say this site is infested with sony fanboys.

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