Kotaku: Final Fantasy XIV Review

There are chocobo in Final Fantasy XIV, but you cannot ride them. The whimsical, lemon-yellow, ostrich-like franchise mascots are installed at stables in the game's main cities, but players cannot interact with them. Square Enix hasn't determined how it's going to implement them in the game. Kotaku can see how Final Fantasy XIV could evolve into an amazing online experience. All of the elements are in place, but like the chocobo, Square Enix is still trying to figure out how to make them work. Many players may have the patience to wait and see how things pan out. They do not.

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maniacmayhem2830d ago

"It's glaringly evident to anyone attempting to navigate Final Fantasy XIV's cumbersome interface that the PC version is the PlayStation 3 version"

So the PS3 gimped the PC version. Damn, I had high hopes for this.

koehler832830d ago

Nothing gimped the PC version I assure you. It's amazingly beautiful.

It's simply a Final Fantasy game. See the Final Fantasy in the title? That means it's a Final Fantasy game. Ever played a Final Fantasy game with mouse and keyboard? No. No you haven't.

Play it with a controller and it's like every other FF game before. Menu laden, perhaps, but like every other FF game before it.

It is also playing out exactly as FFXI did, has and does. It is a game made from the ground up on the feedback from FFXI players for FFXI players. And imagine this, the best stuff ain't available at level 10. Get over it. Or don't.

Biggest2830d ago

It's hilarious how quickly the western media jumps on this game. The slow UI is a valid complaint. The strange crafting setup (needing lvl32 crafts to complete lvl8 crafts) is a valid complaint. These idiots are complaining about the wrong things. The menu SYSTEM was made with a controller in mind. Just like FFXI. Complaints about lack of travel options are valid for a short time. The chocobos are there because they will be used. There are airship ports all over the place that have no purpose today. The will also be used. The ferries, ships, and other travel options will be used. The bottom line is exactly what SE said. You shouldn't be reviewing ANY MMORPG in the first month. The large majority of what you praise or condemn will probably not be there for long. Just read SE's upcoming patches and updates. The reviewer said it at the bottom of the review. He doesn't have the patience to wait for what the game will become. Maybe he should review it when the game becomes what he doesn't care to wait for.

maniacmayhem2830d ago

Bu..bu...but by N4G logic since this game is an MMO and MMO's are mainly a PC type of genre. Then by it being multiplat Square had to "dumb" it down and "gimp" it so it could be on the PS3 also right?

Beahmscream2830d ago

Yeah, Squenix needs to get their shit together.

Otheros002830d ago

Chocobos are ment to be ridden on. In every final fantasy you can ride chocobos.

Biggest2830d ago

They will be unlocked at a later time. It was the same thing with FFXI. But the western media didn't get the chance to bash that aspect of the game because only Japanese players had to deal with it.

Miraak82 2830d ago

as with XI, I'll wait for the ps3 version

Arnon2830d ago

So never, since there isn't a PS3 version of FFXI unless you have a backwards compatible PS3.

Cenobia2830d ago

That was a really big stretch just to try and slam the PS3...

Arnon2830d ago

How... is that even remotely related to bashing the PS3?

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