The first Kinect USA television commercials unveiled

Joystiq has compiled all of the first Kinect USA commercials, all of which focus on the family-gaming perspective with Microsoft's newest breakthrough peripheral. The videos are an interesting introduction to the commercials that gamers are bound to see on TV in the coming weeks.

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the_manson_charles2771d ago

These Kinect commercials are so horrible it literally hurts... The entire marketing scheme has actually been a fiasco so far, not only the TV commercials.

Keith Olbermann2771d ago

I thought they would be worse but some of this stuff is kind of cool. I just dont see why I would choose not to have a remote control when dealing with the media and movie stuff. Saying "xbox rewind or xbox play" is dumb. The holding the hand in place while it syncs for selecting an icon is terribly dumb.

evrfighter2771d ago

these are horrible. but probably perfect for the target audience.

think people who watch oprah.

tacosRcool2771d ago

Just like the horrible Wii Commercials right?

ct032771d ago

Wii is not in direct competition with PS3. So nobody on here minds what Nintendo does. But Microsoft is the devil. Fanboy logic, you see.

Redempteur2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Sorry but even if nintendo is running the familly playing together theme, they AT LEAST show clear pictures of the games..not simulated sequences.
Exemple case in point : Mario kart wii ads

uxo222771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Thoses were pretty good commercials, they are definitely intriguing. Only a pure hater/fanboy could actually think that these commercials are "horrible" I mean seriously, they are not horrible. I actually like them.

Bnet3432771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

I don't see how they are horrible since you never explained what makes them horrible. You would know right? Since you're a director for doing commercials right? Moron.

Edit: I'll just quote one of the users that commented on Joystiq:

"It's a simple ad that explains the pretty product clearly. The ads appeal exactly to the audience that would purchase it.

How would you have advertised it? "

Again, I don't see how they are horrible. It's just explaining how the device works.

bviperz2770d ago

I think it's horrible because it doesn't really show what you're getting yourself into. Microsoft is good at doing this with everything they sell.

TheLastGuardian2771d ago

You'd think with 500 mil they could make some better commercials than that. The games for kinect are lame but I think it would be kind of cool to go through menus hands free and use voice commands. Seems kind of futeristic but not cool enough for $150.

Imperator2770d ago

Dude, no amount of money could possibly make Kinect look good. It's a piece of overpriced crap.

Triella2771d ago

Not only are they horrible but they're fake as hell... selecting something takes at least 4 seconds, here they cut it to 1 second to make it seem really fast and responsive.

And look at the 3rd vid at 1:16 where a little warning "screen shots simulated" appears when people are video chatting from computer to Xbox. In clear it means "it doesn't exist but it could be done like that" and people will believe they can actually do that.

Redempteur2771d ago


total simulation could happen but this is really just "what if".

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FrigidDARKNESS2771d ago

These commercials are awesome and fantastic great marketing by MS they're #1.

Valdass2771d ago

they used mostly black people or asians hm

hoops2771d ago

These Kinect threads are a riot. So much Hate coming from people at N4G.COM LOL

Seijoru2771d ago

Hate? More like a few idiots with multiple accounts praising Kinect as the coming of Christ.

hot4play2771d ago

Everyone looks so...happy and clean. Do all living rooms in America look like this? :)

maxcer2771d ago

lol it's the IKEA dream. in reality dad would be drinking the kids would be fighting over the game, and the mother would be in the corner reading a book.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )


''It has begun...The brainwashing'' *Shang Tsung Voice*

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