Extermination Review for PS2 at Video Game Cowboys

VGC writes, "Extermination was one of the earliest horror-themed releases on the PS2. It attracted my attention for that reason alone since I had already eagerly devoured Silent Hill and four Resident Evil titles on the PS1, and since Silent Hill 2 wasn’t due out until September I needed something to tide me over. Sadly, like most junkies who need periodic fixes, I only discovered I was making a mistake after it was too late."

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saint_john_paul_ii2859d ago

this was good game back in its time, but it had many flaws.

They should reboot this franchise.

tacosRcool2859d ago

I thought it was stupid. I watched a friend play this at his house. Didn't look fun really! So a couple of weeks later when I got my own PS2 I opted to skip this game!

jc485732859d ago

it better be damn good though.

Blaster_Master2859d ago

The game was sick. I dont know what yall are talkin about?

jack_burt0n2859d ago

dinocrisis meets the thing bought it full price enjoyed it alot.

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