Wii price cut post PS3 Move, pre Xbox Kinect launch

Retailers Target Corp. and Inc. this week price cut Nintendo Co.’s Wii hardware by six percent post launch of Sony Corp.’s ‘s Playstation Move controller for the Playstation 3 and pre launch of Microsoft Corp.’s Kinect hardware for Xbox 360.

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Yi-Long2831d ago

... just release a nice Mario Galaxy 1/2 & Wii bundle! Then I'll consider buying it.

Double Toasted2830d ago

The Wii is over priced anyway. Its naive to pay Nintendo anything over $150 for just the console, especially when the 360 is the same price as Wii right now.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2830d ago

That's never a good sign.

Wonder what the reasons could be.

tacosRcool2830d ago

Too pricey for a gimmick. All my friends who own a Wii don't really play it anymore. Overpriced paperweight. Anyways it seems like everybody has one too.

EYEamNUMBER12830d ago

so what's that like 12 dollars? not that big a deal

Muletroid2830d ago

funny thing is seeing the comments here ive realized no one actually even reads these articles they just post from seeing the headline

this isn't even an actual price cut .___.

jneul2830d ago

hate to announce the obvious but it's too late move is already out lolz, and that kind of pric cut will do nothing i agree

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Sirhc922830d ago

but the PS Move and Kinect are now the gods of motion control gaming. the Wii had a nice long run, but as we all know, the newer technology gets the more people are drawn to it. and its the Wii's time now to say goodbye. No matter how much they drop their prices, if customer's are really looking for low prices and family games, then theyll probably rather turn to the more MODERN and mysteriously intriguing Xbox Kinect.

anyone else above a low budget family gamer will go with the PS Move. simple as that.

Fishy Fingers2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

The Gods of motion gaming? A few million and, whats predicted to sell a few million compared to god knows how many million Wiis are out there now.

I'm still enjoying the irony, a few years ago when the Wii was the only option, everyone here seemed to hate the prospect of motion gaming, now it's all about whos is better because they're awesome (but only the one on your platform of choice of course)!!!!

EYEamNUMBER12830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

i can tell you right now people will still keep buying wiis and the wii will still keep selling

you seem to be under the impression that something NEW = better sales that's never really the case at all

as for move and kinect being the new gods of motion i actually do laugh at your comment only because as things are now there's really nothing to back that up at the moment

also as for this article this isn't even a pricedrop

xg-ei8ht2830d ago

I don't agree with either comment tbh.

But not everyone bought a WII for motion control, there's a character, damm i cannot remmember his name, he's slightly fat, does plumbing on the side while looking for a princess.

Oh of course it's mario.

There are alot of games draw people to ninty, and some of them are good.

I don't know how many either SONY will SELL or MS with KINECT.

But nintendo's Wii has been dropping it's sales regardless.

Optical_Matrix2830d ago

Lol cool I guess. Looking forward to Donkey Kong Returns this holiday :]

btk2830d ago

They can afford to. The hardware must be very cheap to manufacture by now.
Little more drop and Kinect without console will be more expensive that a Wii.

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The story is too old to be commented.