Is Microsoft Kinect Neglecting An Audience?

Game Podunker DanCurtis writes, "In reality, this is not the case at launch. Microsoft it seems has decided to focus instead on the casual gamer market, neglecting a lot of the hardcore audience that has remained faithful to Microsoft's console for so long. It seems in this way that Microsoft is banking on Kinect as grabbing more of an audience, but by doing this they seem also to be alienating a lot of the audience that already owns an Xbox 360. Speaking personally, my interest in Kinect long since waned after I saw the line up of party-esque games set for launch. Already an owner of a Wii, Nintendo's little white box now sits lonely and quiet on my desk because I hate the Wii's focus on party games. I'm a hardcore gamer - I don't want to play with cute little avatars in boating adventures, and I feel that Microsoft is neglecting me with Kinect's initial line up..."

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ComboBreaker2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

I feel like Microsoft is leaving their loyal hardcore gamers behind for a chance at greedy profits.

tacosRcool2827d ago

I have to disagree. They do claim it is still for the hardcore so you have to take their word for it...

I know I won't. Kinect is pretty lame anyways

Yi-Long2827d ago

... I'm not interested in Kinect anyway, so it's like being 'neglected' by the ugly loud obnoxious girl from your class: Can't be bothered about it!

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

I'm sure they would if Kinect could actually preform to the level needed for core games but the fact is it can't.

Kinect FPS. Notice the guy saying WTF and then walking off.

Armyntt2827d ago

Hey Lord, if you post a video with blatant trolling u still get de-bubbled for being a troll.

Mr_Bun2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

That's more posting ACTUAL FOOTAGE of Kinect unless it shows that Kinect works (in other words, no more posting kinect vids unless they are fake)....amiright?

Armyntt2827d ago

Thats not what i was tryin to say. I apologize that my point wasnt more eloquently put. I agree that Kinect doesnt look so great. In fact the more i see and hear the less im gonna get it but trolling is trolling. Maybe i mistook his video as being trollish. I just cant stand the fanboys ( on either side). There is no place in gaming for trolls. Their pessimistic and want to see people and corporations fail and because their opinion is different they downplay them. Maybe i take my anti-troll too far. I apologize if i took my anti-troll agenda too far.

TheBlackSmoke2827d ago

The fact you think its trolling just shows you have some sort of an agenda. Its a video of kinect in action, anything that happens is kinect trolling itself.

darthv722826d ago

all this jumping to conclusions seems logical but not needed until it releases. We dont know what kind of audience will be buying it. We can only assume because of what has been shown. Sometimes you just have to try and see past what is in front of you.

MS has a somewhat decent track record of holding things to the very end. Unlike other companies in this industry that most likely leak information on purpose to develop hype surrounding upcoming releases.

Sega was good at that. It is easy to pass judgement on something you know nothing about. We all do it every day. The audience for this device will be varied. Not casual, not core, but varied.

We should just wait and see how the first few months go before we get back into making the assumptions of flight or fail.

bviperz2826d ago

I disagree. Can you name me ONE big thing that Microsoft held off until the last moment? Microsoft is known for building hype for everything they sell. So to say that they're holding out on the core/hardcore for Kinect until the last moment goes against their track record. I think core game will come for Kinect, but not anytime soon, and even then won't be the core we're used to (Forza on rails). MS is spending half a billion on advertising. They WANT that return on investment, so they will only focus on a big money making demographic this generation: casuals.

darthv722826d ago

yeah, i see your point. Funny thing is, this gen we have been tipped off more about sony's tactics than ms or even nintendo. I didnt know about natal before e3 but I did know about a revised ps3 before it was official.

Some things are best kept a secret (or try to) and between the two, sony has had more info spilled than ms. I dont know if that is accidental or on purpose to build hype.

OT: kinect and its audience will find each other. Seems most arent willing to just let that happen.

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Strikepackage Bravo2827d ago

the casual market since the 360 launch. Kinect addresses that claim.

I personally am glad they are keeping kinect separate, I dont want them wasting time during the development of hardcore games like Gears, trying to figure ways of integrating Kinect, that is lame, hardcores dont want to play with a motion controller. Why on earth is everyone complaining about this?

Sometimes I cant believe how stupid people are in the gaming arena.

I mean seriously do you want to play Gears by waving your arms around in the air like an idiot, that sh%t is for casuals, and it should stay that way!

Redlogic2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

I think more to the point is that MS isn't developing any new hardcore games besides Fable III and Gears 3 (edit: I'm sure there are a few more just can't think of em right now). Personally, I just got Halo:Reach but besides that no other exclusives. So now MS dumps hundreds of millions into advertising and developing of software for Kinect, when that money could be spent on games for the gamers who have kept the 360 in second place all these years. I think I heard or read hardcore games are at least 18 months away, so most of us will take a wait and see approach.

kaveti66162826d ago

Project Kingdoms?

Why do people on this site keep forgetting about that game or why do they keep pretending like it wasn't announced?

Redlogic2826d ago

What is Project Kindoms?

Cold 20002827d ago

Concerning Kinect all I can say is: PLEASE NEGLECT ME SOME MORE MS!!! And I'll carry on being a happy gamer.

2826d ago
A Cupcake for Gabe2826d ago

MS has recruited all dudes and and well one chick...oprah. Who's this thing marketing too? Moms and 11yr old girls. Do boys at that age even lister to JB?

ChickeyCantor2826d ago

"I feel like Microsoft is leaving their loyal hardcore gamers behind for a chance at greedy profits."

Same was said about Nintendo....
And its Pure BS.

If you can enjoy it then good for you, if you can't it doesn't mean they have neglected you.
People are way over sensitive with this BS. Seriously if you feel neglected you need serious counseling/therapy.

The Wood2826d ago

another way is that there have been next to zero announcements for MS's core game lineup for next year. If MS concentrated on both it would be no real issue but it seems MS has definitely shifted its focus towards Kinect and the casuals who they hope to snag with it.

ChickeyCantor2826d ago

Well to bad, THIRD PARTIES, arent jumping around with that, so why blame MS?

BillOreilly2826d ago

No kinect is for casuals and controllers for normal gamers. I think kinect can still do well with the core but thats up to developers not microsoft. If they push cool exclusives like steel batallion and we see bad a** games on kinect we will buy it.

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btk2827d ago

MS is not creating a market. Just running after someone else's market and try to "buy" it with marketing, sub-standard products and a price war.

They seem to be thinking that casuals is the new market so they will just leave the other market as they chase after the new goal - without understanding that Kinect is less functional and overpriced.

TagMeIn2827d ago

Start the party, sports champions, racquet games...all these have never been done before by the Move Lite?(wii)

TheBlackSmoke2827d ago

I would say move is merging markets. Its providing entertainment for the casuals and enhancing hardcore games, then you have titles like sorcery which bridge the gap.

No one denies the premise behind move is like the wii, but unlike the wii the controls actually work to the point where they can be utilised properly. Think about it, the best games on wii are the ones that dont use motion control or have it as a secondary feature.

So in my opinion the move is going in a direction the wii has failed in and making it better without making sacrifices.

Apocalypse Shadow2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

all these games sony made were brought out before on the pseye like camera AKA eyetoy...

do some research.wii's games copy eyetoy's games.not the other way around.

seems like those games came out BEFORE wii.....well looky there.....

firefoxprime2826d ago

Moron. Stop makes lame ass assumptions. We all know Nintendo began this motion control gameplay. Your sarcasm is weak. Anyone else who believes this is a "war" is a fool. Sony and MS are just picking up the scraps Nintendo left behind. MS and Sony are the biggest hypocrites. They crap on Nintendo, and no they have their tails between their legs, and prophecy that their own motion controls schemes are just rehashes of another game company.

MS Kinect = Sony EyeToy
Sony Move = Nintendo Wii

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raztad2827d ago

I'm very very glad is MS (and not Sony) and the xbox (and not the PS3) the platform holder and console, promoting and receiving Kinect respectively. Hope you xbox guys enjoy it, and dont forget to remind us how good Kinect is selling :D

InTheKnow2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

You don't own a 360...why don't you leave the thread for people who actually own the system and games and know a thing or two about gaming...unlike yourself.

On Topic...Kinect was designed and created to bring in the casual gamers that have made the Wii the top selling console ( 71++ million ) this gen with the top selling games. M$ has gone about it the right way and no doubt, M$ will make a killing this holiday. The haters, like Raztad can't stand it.

The so called hard core ( whats hard core??? ) have had the best line up of any system...BY FAR...on xbox 360. All the multi-plats look, SELL and play better on the 360. Just look at the line up of games you could have on the $150 system...

Mass Effect 2
Metro 2033
Splinter Cell Conviction
Alan Wake
Crackdown 2
Halo Reach
Fable 3

...add to that Windows 7 phone/gaming with XBL connectivity, Kinect and a return to PC gaming...M$ was/is the only guys doing anything worthwhile year.

What did Sony do??? I have a ps3...didn't buy ONE game all year...nothing but best. Go back to Jan/Feb/Mar this year and listen to the haters...but, but Sony is gonna announce LBP 2, So-com, Resistance 3, UC 3, KZ 3, GT 5...etc...and, and E3 came and went...the years now over and what...NOTHING...I hope 2011 is better, so far KZ 3 is the only solid release...for now... ;D

I own a Wii as well...I don't even want to talk about it.

wanaraceu2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Intheknow lol as if there have been no good games on ps3 this year Gow3 Ring any bells. Oh and Heavy rain and MAG which I play with move mow at least once a week still with mates. Demon souls modnation racers and more

Troll_Police2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

You don't even need an Xbox to play Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction, and Metro 2033 as they are not exclusive to the Xbox. As far as the "SELL", how did Alan Wake and Crackdown 2 do in that department?

bustamove2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Do you work for Microsoft or something? I mean really?

If you were truly a gamer and owned both consoles, you would buy games for each console and not cater to just one system. You're telling him to leave the thread and leave the discussion to gamers when you're not even acting like a gamer yourself. All those games you mentioned, I own. You know why? Because I'm a gamer and I love playing games. I have yet to beat them but that's only because Blazblue and tournaments are taking up so much of my time.

Very hypocritical I might add.

raztad2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )


I dont own a XBOX360 and I dont pretend to. I actually consider the xbox360 a redundant console. Most of its best games are multiplats and there is not enough exclusives (and less than appeal me) to force me to get one. Not to mention paying to play online doesnt exactly entices me.

Now why am I in this thread? becuase is tagged as a PS3 article. Otherwise I wouldnt come in here. I dont waste my time trolling xbox only articles, like you do in PS3 articles pretending to be a PS3 owner.

BTW, I didnt say anything bad about your loved Kinect.

MicroSony4Life2826d ago

or your hate for MS?

Grow up dude - I own both consoles and love my PS3 to death but if I only owned a 360 I would not go on a Move article and leave negative comments - if you dont like MS just stay away from anything related to them.

raztad2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

I commented because I felt like it. What is your problem? a little oversensitive, arent you? lol.

And for your records it is not that I "dont like MS". You are the one that needs to grow up, life is not that simple. It is all about the quality of their products.

tigertom532827d ago

Kinect is just not for fps or slashers its for the casual audience and young family members. I think it a great idea that Microsoft is not just looking at hardcore audience which it's been doing a pretty good job with that all along. most people that play halo or call of duty don't want to use a move, wii or Kinect device to play these games.

deadreckoning6662827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Well said. Alot of the people who constantly complain that Kinect has no core games are FANBOYS. If they are so concerned about core games....why are the expecting a casual product to satisfy their hardcore needs? Thats 100% retarded. Yeah, Microsoft SAID they would cater to the hardcore, but of course they'll say that...its good PR! When your selling a product, you want to do ur best to capture ALL markets and niches. Take a business course.

And this is specifically for the people who bitch about Kinect not having core games. You want core games...the 360 and PS3 have dozens of great hardcore games between them. If thats not enough for you, buy a DS and if THATS not enough for you buy a 3DS. Theres are TONS of hardcore games on the market and coming to the market for HARDCORE I don't know why Kinect is expected to appease the hardcore.

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