Medal of Honor 'TV spot'

EA's released a new TV ad for Medal of Honor, pushing its realism angle.

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RememberThe3572799d ago

Usually if reviews say a game sucks I tend to avoid it. But this game looks too damn good to pass up. The whole "it doesn't do anything new" thing doesn't bother me. If it's good I want to play it. This looks good so I want to play it.

gcolley2799d ago

i am not particularly impressed and feel like i have wasted my money. both SP and MP are bit too boring, which is a pretty good effort given they are completely different games, different engines, different control options, different developers, single player doesn't even have southpaw option (lluckily i have a modded controller (thumbs swapped). this is one game where the SP is not actual training for the MP.

i am a battlefield fan, so bought this and now wonder why. the MP is tiny, basically EA's answer to CoD and feels more like a chore than fun.

i would give it a 5 (mainly for half arsery)


I think it looks pretty sweet. Can't see myself paying 60bucks for it tho. I can't see myself paying 60 bucks for any game. I'll wait for a price drop. The mediocre reviews will help the price drop quicker. But I definitely will get this.