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NoLongerHere2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Where are the fools that said it would bomb ? :)

donniebaseball2771d ago

OMG it's Kevin Butler!! VP of Impersonating Kevin Butler

LiquifiedArt2771d ago

Good to see it doing well.

I still need to pick up a Navigation controller.
I'm getting ethier RE5:Gold or waiting for KZ3 and Deadspace2.

AndrewRyan2771d ago

Not saying PSMove is bad! I am just saying that Americans buy anything they see on TV. It is sad if you ask me.

goosepoose2771d ago

thats good news. i invested everything i had in move. it is making so much munies for me. i yet hv to ty it out.

Kors2771d ago

So its 2.5 million sales worldwide excluding Japan.

This is great news.

gta_manic2771d ago

Ya look how Sony is putting the Move in with celebrities and talk shows to promote the move..wait

ABizzel12771d ago

It's doing great. That's 2.5 million for the first month.

October's total will be less even though it's just now launching in Japan. The sales of US and Europe will fall back for the holiday season, while Japan will give it the needed boost to keep numbers looking good. I expect sales close to 1.5 - 2 million.

Then the holiday will roll around boosting sales for November and December. So I expect Move to sell around 6 million units by years end.

crazyclown2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago ) are right...Americans are dumb when they see an Xbox add and think that it has good value! LOL

stuna12771d ago

bought into the hype, that is the move! I guess the only thing left to do, is start a "MOVE" ment.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Kevin Butler for President! :P Congrats Sony on going multi platinum! lol

I predict it will reach 5 million by the end of the year.

Biggest2771d ago

AndrewRyan wins the "WTF Comment of the Thread!" award. It sold 500k more units in Europe. That means Americans by anything on TV?

fishd2771d ago



Longrod_Von_Hugendon2771d ago

And people continue to submit articles by that douchebag. lol

RageAgainstTheMShine2771d ago

Will be getting Start the Party!
Can't wait for Sorcery.

wsoutlaw872771d ago

@Biggest i was thinking the exact same thing.

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r1sh122771d ago

yea thats not a bad number...
Im sure it will get close to 3million if not over by the end of the year.
That being said, Kinect has had lots of pre-order sales so Im sure both will be fairly level pegged.
As much as any fanboy will say the other will not sell, its not true.
Theres a market for both kinect and move. Microsoft have the home advantage, I want to see how well they do.

Nitrowolf22771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

isn't it 1.5 in EU right now? (last reported at least)
so i am guessing its well close to 3 million, and then today is Japan launch

is it safe to say by the end of the year Move will have around 4-6 Million sold?

It's doing better then most people expected

Tapey2771d ago

Possibly. But yeah, it seems to have had a really impressive launch in Europe and America, I'm shocked at how well it's performing. Sony must be pleasantly surprised as well, I doubt they expected it to take off quite this well.

acky12771d ago

Move deserves to sell a lot imo, don't really care if it does or not tho. It has displayed working games that look like fun and some hardcore games are already here and in the works... definitely something positive for gaming.
Yet to be seen if kinect will provide the same and in fact, all we've seen from kinect so far is sub-par games with suspect reliability. If the shortcomings of kiinect are not improved on I don't think it deserves to sell.

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KevinButlerVP2771d ago

Someone here is lying and it's not me.

Nitrowolf22771d ago

wasn't your post marked as trolling? weird we can comment on here again

Dsnyder2771d ago


raztad2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )


At least read the article.


LMAO. The writer updated the article saying that is "shipped" to retail. I dont get where that info comes from tho. It doesnt make sense.

jordanlund2771d ago

From the update:

"Update: The 1 million includes Latin America (whatever small amount that is), and more importantly, it's sold to retail (not to consumers)."

It doesn't matter how many you ship to retail if nobody is buying it. Around here the shelves are bursting with Move units and games, it seems nobody is interested.

raztad2771d ago

I dont know where the writer got that info. It doesnt cite Tretton.

What Tretton said suggest MOVE is selling extremely well to consumers

"SCEA boss Jack Tretton has noted that Move is in very high demand, and currently demand for Move is ahead of supply. Sony actually doesn't expect to have enough supply to meet the demand until February."

Try to order a wand from Amazon and you will get what Tretton is saying.

40cal2771d ago


I don't know, or care where you live, but Move is sold out everywhere else.

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donniebaseball2771d ago

I actually think this is a pretty good tally for them considering the marketing has been seemingly low-key. It's not like MS and Kinect where the $$$ is crazy

theonlylolking2771d ago

Move is not innovative. Its just very accurate and detects motion forward,backward,up,down,left, and right.

Kinect is not innovative either. Its just a copy and paste of sony's device.

*country accent*Its like my mama always told me companies steal each others ideas and call them their own.

jaysquared2771d ago

The real question is did it move any console and introduced the PS3 to the casual gamers like the Wii has? It would be nice if Sony would release their NPD numbers. Wonder why they haven't done that.

Red_Orange_Juice2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

and 1,5M in Europe, that's 2,5M US/EU not bad, not bad

douchedebater2771d ago

It's actually hard to track Move numbers with understanding what move actually is. First, is MOVE a controller and a camera? MOVE just the controller? Is MOVE a camera, a controller, and a Sub-Controller?

Either way, good numbers. Congrats Sony.

firelogic2771d ago

Why does it matter if it's move, or move+camera, or move+PS3, or move+sub, etc...

Bottomline is, they've moved 2.5 million move controllers.

ARBitrator2771d ago

It's quite ironic that you have logic as part of your username. To me, douchdebater's comment was valid as it does matter what constitutes move. If I just bought a PS-Eye do I have move? If I bought just a Move controller do I have move?

I think as a minimum you need a PS-Eye and One Move controller to have move.

With that being said, the Title should say "PS3 Move controllers sell 1 million..."

Even still it's a good number, I really don't know why you felt the need to get butt hurt about it.

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marinelife92771d ago

Two of those 1 million are mine.

tinybigman2771d ago

even though i only have the Nav in hand(preorder). Gamestop was sold out of Moves :(

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raztad2771d ago


Patcher is such a failure. Only 300K sold!, Sales bellow expectations! What a clown.

Right now if you try to buy one off Amazon, you have to wait 2 to 4 weeks. Third party are out of stock or selling it for $70+

moparful992771d ago

I bought my two from one of the walmarts here.. I live in a town of about 60k so its not huge but the walmart where I bought my move is completely sold out and hasn't had stock since september... I personally haven't met anyone else here who has bought one but obviously they have... Out of the 3 gamestops we have there are only a few navi controllers left at one of them... I knew pachters nonsensical ramblings was just that.. He really needs to find a new job....

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DontShoot-Me-Bro2771d ago

4-5 mill by the end of the year, awesome!

Ju2771d ago

If those numbers are accurate, 2.5M sold already. And Christmas season hasn't even started yet. I would think 4-5 is a bit low.

blusoops2771d ago

It was just launched in Japan this week.

kneon2771d ago

5 million is probably the minimum to expect. The best games are yet to come and the advertising has been pretty light.

Redempteur2771d ago

i really think eyepet move edition helped move to get into homes .

Tumble , heavy rain made me decide to get one.
(while getting ready for killzone3 )

Lord Gunchrote2771d ago

Thats a cool number. Its probably impossible to determine how many of each product sold, but good nonetheless.

Dno2771d ago

If kinect sales much more then this then we have a motion control take over ; ;. i hope most games will still use the joypad tho... i guess we will see.

Stealth20k2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

motion controlling will never take over at all. Since basically motion controller makes 99 percent of games worse.

SuperStrokey11232771d ago

Just wondering if you ever heard of the wii? Apparantly its the best selling console this get but about 30 million or something. I also heard it has motion control...

Stealth20k2771d ago Show
TreMillz2771d ago

that its the cheapest, that its aimed a smaller children and that its what most parents would buy their kids.

OSU_Gamer2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )


So because the Wii sold well to kids and casual gamers, it automatically means that motion controllers makes games better?

It sure made Zelda better.... /s

Not sure what side of the fanboy fence you are on, but you might want to be careful using the sales = quality card.

raztad2771d ago

Dunno about the Wii but MOVE is a quality piece of hardware. Consumer response is extremely favorable. Even competitive online multiplayer is possible with MOVE.

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SuperStrokey11232771d ago

Agreed, hes gotta really be eating his hat on this one. He usually admits when hes off but this time hes way way way off lol. SHould be interesting to see what he says.

ComboBreaker2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Eating crows.