Classic games that deserve HD Collections on the PS3

Gamersmint: We had God of war Collection which contained HD remakes of GOW1 and GOW II which were upscaled and featured extensive texture reworking to make it fit for the HD era. With the GoW collection doing brisk business, now if Sony really wants money, they should release these 10 games on the PS3 under the “HD Classics” banner.

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gameseveryday2894d ago

MGS1, MGSS2,MGS3...that is my dream! Kojima please!

Homicide2894d ago

Just give us BC back. I already own the damn games Sony.

cyborg2894d ago

Imagine all these games in glorious HD with 3D and for a few like Crash Bandicoot, move support thrown in. Now I would def PAY to exp all these classic that way.

PS: I already have a ps2

GiantJedi2894d ago

I don't give a crap about hd or 3d...i just want bc

zootang2894d ago

Go play it on your PS2 then!

Ocelot5252894d ago

sony could implement native HD for their PS2 emulator like in the PSX2 emulator on the PC

heck they could even add AA, anisitropic filtering, better mipmapping, ambient occlusion without needing to patch PS2 games

ico922894d ago

yeah if you already own it on your ps2 go and play it on your ps2 ,

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GodsHand2894d ago

You had the option of having backwards compatibility, but you opted to wait for the version without it.

CobraKai2894d ago

I have BC but I still want HD remixes

Imperator2894d ago

lmao, then go play em on PS2. I'd rather play a vastly improved version of it and it's not like they're asking for full price. In fact, they're selling 2-3 remastered games for just 40 bucks. If you don't like it, stick to the Ps2. Besides, if I'm not mistaken you're a 360 fanboy so you're opinion means nothing.

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Blaster_Master2894d ago

ZOE, Summoner, Grandia, Ratchet, FFX, and Jak.

Godmars2902894d ago

To get a Kingdom Hearts or FF collection, wouldn't that require support from Square? Who, as far as I know, is still supporting the 360 over the PS3.

Though I'd love to see a ZOE collection.

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The story is too old to be commented.