Pre-Order Now Available - New Red Wii Bundle

"Nintendo of America finally announced this morning, when they will be releasing the Red Wii Bundle in North America.
If you are interested in the 25th Anniversary Edition Red Wii bundle that Nintendo is releasing on November 7, in North America; now you can pre-order it HERE, to make sure you aren't rushing out with the crowds to find one.", says CoffeewithGames.

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electricshadow2889d ago

I think the colour looks really sweet. I like anything that is red and also video game related. It doesn't really match anything, but it stands out. I would buy a red DS3, but I already have four.

Jamegohanssj52889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

For Nintendo to take this long to finally come out with colours that's mind blowing. The black one was released last year or this year?

Gamecube had 3 colours within it's first 2 years lol.


CoffeewithChess2889d ago

GameCube I think had two colors at launch. The black Wii was released this year, in like May I think. They showed different colors way back in 2006, and have just sat on them.

Hopefully the pre-order will help people avoid the craziness of retail when it releases.

AEtherbane2889d ago

Give me my dark blue!!!!!
With the stand a shiny silver.

swtfu22888d ago

Now this what I been waiting for about time!
red is awesome

eagle212888d ago

Nintendo will move millions of these. :)