Quantum Theory Review (PlanetXbox360)

Most successful video games from recent memory borrow some gameplay elements from previously released, fantastic games, while adding their own touch to create a fresh experience. Every now and then a game comes along that so blatantly rips off another that the overall theft of ingenuity kills any love for the game in a New York minute. Quantum Theory is guilty of all these crimes and then some. Quantum Theory is Tecmo Koei’s attempt at appealing to the western hemisphere with a juiced-up shooter in the uncanny likeness of Gears of War.

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UltimaEnder2650d ago

WOW - will be passing on this one for sure!

Fishy Fingers2650d ago

I'm almost tempted to rent it for a laugh... Almost.

mrv3212650d ago

I'm almost tempted to hit myself over the head with a malet for a laugh... Almost.

I saved you a couple $'s... and you get the same experience.

Sam Fisher2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

than watch one episode of hip hop gamer show. and thats true story lol

tacosRcool2650d ago

Hip Hop Gamer is pretty lame and talks a bunch of crappy lies

This game still seems decent though but not for the price its selling at but maybe when its in the bargain bin I'll pick it up

LaurenKB1232650d ago

It could be fun for a night of drinking, doubt it though!

seann2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

anyway, quntum tears is that game you either laugh at, or try to enjoy it because you think its a cult classic. well in my eyes, its bad bad bad bad g.a.m.e

Gambit072650d ago

Haven't read 'asl' in a while.

goosepoose2649d ago

lol that was the whole point

pwnd_of_lol2650d ago

What he means, is that this game is basically a mock of GoW. Which it is. Play the demo if you haven't. It is pretty

fei-hung2650d ago

nope, this is a mock of Poo of War. You fight through a tower made of poo killing poo monsters with this steroid stung janitor and a dominatrix. you run around shooting Domestos and other various cleaning products at the poo monsters and the poo tower keeps changing shape depending on the humidity of the poo.

the problem is the poo textures in the game give it poo vision and the poo eventually takes over the game and the living room and everything in site.

quantum poo is a must flush game dude (imo) :p

likedamaster2650d ago

"quantum poo is a must flush game dude (imo) :p"


big_silky2650d ago

i just got this from gamefly, I'm actually pretty eager to check it out.

likedamaster2650d ago

I take it your other account is... bad_taste?

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