Neocrisis: PSN Blacklight: Tango Down will get Exclusive Map

Neocrisis: Leading up to the release of Blacklight: Tango Down on PlayStation® Network, UTV Ignition Entertainment today announced the PSN-exclusive content that will launch with the game on October 26.

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Raoh2739d ago

if medal of honor handnt just come out and black ops wasnt on the way with i would probably show some interest but the timing is pretty bad..

REDGUM2739d ago

Sorry, I do think this is a good up coming game but it's too late. This should have been released on the ps3 when it came out on other systems. With Black Ops, Fallout, Medal Of Honor, Vanquish all here now or not far away, I'd say they'd (developers of Blacklight) only get 1/2 of the purchasers now. Sorry guys, just too late for me.