Killzone 3 - Direct Feed 720p HD footage (Multiplayer Beta)

8 minutes of glorious 720p HD footage from the upcoming beta showcasing the combat and also snow environments.

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Blaster_Master2892d ago

Im just glad they fixed the controller lag and added a online party feature. Now all they gotta do now is let us configure the button layout manually and add prone to make this a day one purchase for me.

ComboBreaker2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Graphics look so good. Remember to watch it in 720P.

-Alpha2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Game is indeed looking great.

I've been obsessively looking at beta videos, and unfortunately the people I've seen don't know how to play. One guy was playing S&D but thought he was capturing flags for Capture & Hold, but in fact he was capturing a spawn point. I am facepalming so hard because I really want in and I know I can play well. This guy isn't even a Plus subscriber, so maybe some of you should check your emails (he was the guy whose videos were on N4G the other day).

Anyways, let's discuss:

How do you guys feel about the controls now? And how about the "COD-influences"? A lot of Killzone members on the forums are really pissed off, but I actually think that GG borrowed some good things. A lot of people I think are overreacting, but I have noticed two things that concern me: how fast people die, and how accurate some weapons are (The SMG in particular is deadly).

I feel like the base health should be a tiny bit higher from what I'm seeing. The movement is definitely more smoother and faster. I don't mind as long as the guns have good recoil

Killstreak points are something people fear will promote camping but I haven't seen that much. As long as we don't get killstreak rewards I am happy that GG is constantly rewarding people with XP.

I have a few concerns with balancing, I've been reading the abilities and I don't know if I like the inclusion of Extra health/armor. I also was hoping rockets were lock-on only for machinery, I hate rocket spamming.

Also, it seems that you can carry 3 grenades, and one issue I had was grenade spamming. Since spawn points are better I don't expect to see it much though.

One other thing, if anyone has the beta: do you basically rank up in the sense that the best unlocks are the best? Or will there be variety in guns? I'm looking at the rank screens and it seems the best guns are last to unlock, but hopefully that doesn't mean everybody uses the last guns and that the earlier guns have their own advantages.

ExplosionSauce2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Glad to see a more dynamic and varied lighting.
Unlike KZ2 where most of it was generally monotone. You can see the differences between cooler and warmer lit areas a lot better.

raztad2891d ago

I have watched this video so many times now. Game looks awesome.

The game sports much better textures, very clean due to an incredible AA.

In this other footage

You can get a feeling of the map size and how the M82 rifle looks and sounds. Pure win.

Troll_Police2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )


My only complaint right now is the grenades are still hard to get them to go exactly where you want them to go. They have a weird bounce to them or something.

EDIT: I hope their getting feedback too but most people play betas just to play them and never give feedback.

-Alpha2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I've never had a problem with grenades, they are a little slow to throw so you can't expect to rush in somewhere and throw nades, but I find with 3 grenades people would sit back and spam in K2.

I just don't like the fact that you can carry three.

The spawn system seems so much better, there seems to be lest cluster f*cks, but I just hope grenades don't become a problem. I'm hoping that they make people have only one grenade and that ammo refills give 2 max.

I also see that it's much easier to kill people with nearly any gun, I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. There are perk-like abilities that people can pick, one of them gives more health and another one gives more armor, I'm not sure how that plays out.

Dammit, if I had the beta I'd write a 10 page report on everything, I really hope they are collecting proper feedback!

Edit: OK, the SMG needs a tone down IMO, people are really running and gunning with it, and it's pretty damn accurate.

Gago2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

so im very happy to hear the commentator say that there is alot less

#2, the game looks great, just needs some more AA cuz the jagges are very noticeable on the ground in parts of mesh surfaces and on stairs

#3 it seems as if the KZ3 devs have been playing Call of Duty, cuz the way the scores pops up in the middle of the screen is just like COD4/MW2, and it takes a less (more realistic) amount of bullets to kill any enemy

jack_burt0n2891d ago


Yeah i have to admit it does look like it takes very little to drop someone, it will be a real shame if COD has had an influence here.

raztad2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )


Actually KZ3 has one of the best image quality in any game on consoles. Very few jaggies if any.

That was taken from NeoGaf as well.


Those look to me like video compression issues. Check the still images, you wont find those jaggies.

Gago2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

In KZ2 and in this video there are clearly jagges on the walls, stairs, and parts of the ground

pretty distracting, but a minor blight on a great looking game

HeavenlySnipes2891d ago

They only give the rockets launchers 1 rocket. So if you miss its done.

Also, from playing KZ2 I ca tell you that different weapons have different advantages for each situation. If you're looking for close quarter combat you use the smg, shotgun or the Helghast assualt rifle. Med to long range is for te ISA assualt rifle, the FAL type weapon (sorry I don't remember the names) or the sniper. One weapon won't dominate online in this game I think because they improved the accuracy of the weapons and also elimanated the input lag.

tacosRcool2891d ago

I want to be part of the Beta!!!!

SaberEdge2891d ago

The graphics are definitely improved over Killzone 2 (which, lets face it, was already amazing). The lighting seems even better and the textures also seem to have gotten a bump in quality. The MLAA anti-aliasing appears to be doing a very good job of smoothing out the jaggies. It has an extremely clean look in this video.

I've always liked the gameplay and the new additions like the brutal melees look great. I am also glad that they have made the controls more responsive. It seems like a tighter, sleeker game all around.

SaberEdge2891d ago


I saw what you are talking about, but in my opinion it is very minor. You are never going to find a game that has zero jaggies. I notice small amounts of aliasing, especially specular aliasing, even in PC games with high levels of anti-aliasing turned on.

The other thing is, MLAA is a new technique that gives great results on the majority of edges within the frame, but so far its one weakness is that the edges of sub-pixel objects are not detected and therefor essentially have no anti-aliasing applied. What that means is that very thin objects will still have some aliasing present on them. However, the advantage of MLAA is that most edges have a clean look that is equal or greater than the effect of 16xMSAA.

All in all, I agree with the guy in the video that Killzone 3 is setting a new benchmark on the PS3. Uncharted 2 is amazing and currently is the best looking game on any console in my opinion, but I really do think that Killzone 3 is pushing things to a new level.

Gago2891d ago

im pretty sure KZ3 uses largely the same engine as KZ2, with some modifications like lighting, less input lag, effects

and im pretty sure its using that exact same AA tech as KZ2, which was QAA, thats equivalent to 2X MSAA with some blur on textures as a drawback

idk, can you post a source confirming MLAA, cuz i really don't think its useing it

DORMIN2891d ago

Best part of video:

"Thanks for watching, I'll see you guys next time."

Then the helghast soldier comes up from behind and slits his throat.

Around 6:56

LoVeRSaMa2891d ago

I totally agree with you, I mentioned it in a last post and got lots of negative feedback, I am not THAT good myself, but I want to see the weapons tested and the mechs and jetpacks, but lots of the beta videos they just die alot :P

None the less look forward to playing this game myself.

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Longrod_Von_Hugendon2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

GG multiplayer looks like everyone else single-player campaign! amazing! game looks very polished and it's still only a beta. damn! if you'll excuse me I need to go change my shorts :D

another thing that have to add is more weapons, hopefully they'll listen to user feedback.


Thanks for the info. I guess they won't reveal everything in MP before it's debut. :( lol

HeavenlySnipes2891d ago

I sawa silencer machine pistol, double barrel pistol shotgun, the magnum, the new STA, and the normal machine pistol (its the one from KZ liberation). Along with the jetpack and the exoskeleton. The game is amazingly more accurate and the gmeplayis friggin awesome.

-Alpha2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Damn, lucky you: Do you know if there is gun variety though?

Like, are you finding that the latest unlocks are the best, or are you finding that you have to choose in a class according to play style? Basically, do the earlier guns have their own advantages? I don't like the idea of having the best guns last, I'm hoping after a majority rank up that the earlier guns can be formidable against the later guns. Otherwise it's going to be the same guns for the same class like in K2.

How do you find the speed? Don't you think the SMG is so much more easier to use? Less shots to make kills, right? Do you find that a problem?

Oh, and leave feedback on their forums!

scar202891d ago

@ blaster-master Are you serious prone in kz3 come on dude we don't want another cod.

gameraxis2891d ago

PLENTY OF WEAPONS... if the final build has as much weapons as cod (or a few less is fine) i will be ECSTATIC... every other concern has been proven fixed, or improved... plus added features, don't know how, but improved graphics... this game will be killzone2 on roids... a TRUE sequel... i just hope there's like 4 or 5 weapons per class like lmg, ar, pistol, heavy explosives etc... i don't want to get bored with the weapons like i did k2.... OMG THAT WAS AMAZING, u can tell they kept the weight and made it silk ala COD... CANT FREAKING WAIT!!!

Ravage272891d ago

The control changes are a non-issue for me because like every single game i've played in the last 10 years, i'm sure i'll adapt to it within days.

What's important is that KZ3 retains the feel of the solid gunplay in KZ2 with minimum aim-assist that is plaguing shooters nowadays. Some weapons like the STA14 are even more AWESOME now. The rate of fire is f-ing sweet! BAM BAM! BAM BAM! I can easily see myself spending a hundred hours using the STA14 alone.

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guitarded772892d ago

Started playing the beta last night... it's beyond good, with a few issues like not being able to run up stairs occasionally. KZ3 was already a pre-order, but now I can't wait to get hold of the full retail game.

Hideo_Kojima2891d ago

This looks like a better more polished game than Uncharted 2.
Just imagine how awesome Uncharted 3 will be :P

MidnytRain2891d ago

Can't wait. One thing I like in my sequels is a new GUI/HUD. Something about the layouts, even if they're small changes make it feel just a bit fresher.

GiggMan2891d ago

About the controls: "No control lag" "Silky smooth and feels great"

One persons opinion but so far it sounds promising.

bananasNmonkeys2891d ago

Are there any new guns or gun customisation?