Halo 3 - New Combat Video

Immerse yourself in the Halo universe with Neill Blomkamp's newest action-packed video.

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TeaDouble_E4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

It sure reminds me of those U.S. Army adds I see on tv. Except this video didn't have that stupid music thay played all the time like the army one's.

FreeMonk4125d ago

of what a Halo movie could be like.

You've got to remember that this is done on a very small budget, but it still looks pretty good.

Very gritty, action packed, and the effects look pretty good. The banshee's flying past and the pelican dropping off the Warthog looks pretty cool.

The brutes look very dodgy, but just imagine a WETA CGI brute or Elite with a major budget??

I personally think this is a little teaser from Neill Blomkamp, Bungie, Peter Jackson and MS to major movie studio's to show what they could do. They obviously not spending all this cash to gain nothing but happiness from the fans.

They are aiming to attract a film studio to get the Halo movie made. Once Halo 3 breaks all records when released in September, studio's will come flocking. Here's hoping that a studio like Paramount or Warner get it and not Fox who mess everything up!

nobizlikesnowbiz4125d ago

I thought it was confirmed that the movie is already being filmed?

It would make sense to me. Filming now, release in summer '08 after H3 has sold in record numbers, creating a Star Wars fanbase of our generation.

ktchong4125d ago

Most contributors are too lazy to embed the video or find out how to do it when they submit video news. Thanks for taking the time and effort to embed the video here.

I put in a "Good" rating for your submission. (I would have given you a "Not Good" if there's no embedded video.)

Ignorant Fanboy4125d ago

we need to get on people that dont embed.

What are they like 12 or something?

marcellizot4125d ago

N4G is an aggregator style site that recieves thousands of hits a day. Smaller sites use N4G to promote their own news and to try and drive traffic to their own site.

By embedding a video that a specific site found first (although with GT stuff it is sort of a grey area) the the site doing the submitting would cut off any click throughs to their site and hence would not drive traffic.

N4G provides a great service not just for readers and enthusiasts to have a one stop shop for all of their gaming news, but for journalists and site editors to try and increase their readership.

Failing to embedd a video is not lazy, its a recognized and proven promotion tactic.

TriggerHappy4125d ago

is hoping this is at least a snippet of how good the Halo movie will be

socomnick4125d ago

That video was pretty sweet.

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