Report: Man Sets Fire to GameStop, In Stand-Off with Police

A man has reportedly set fire to and barricaded himself within a Roseville, California GameStop location, claiming to have possession of a gun in a stand-off with local police. The Westfield Galleria at Roseville has been evacuated.

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awiseman2529d ago

This reminds me of that drunk kid at the Halo: Reach launch. It seems these dumbasses are becomnig more and more common in the wild today. Their species needs to be eradicated :P

sunnygrg2529d ago

Despite previous reports, the fire was much larger. You can see smokes outside the mall.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2529d ago

Hero! Now if only more people would follow his lead. lol

darthv722529d ago

i just read this and it is a mall i go to from time to time. The guys at that GS dont know jack and talk lots of crap about sony.

Even though i play my 360 more than my ps3 I find that very disrespectful as a whole. You dont dis a platform or company. Especially in front of other customers because a customer may be doing it.

I wouldnt call this guy a hero but he has saved me the pain of going in to that location again.

UnSelf2529d ago

now THATS how u respond to bullshit ass trade-in rate

Nitrowolf22529d ago


the police should be taking in the gamestop crooks and should honor this guy with a parade

number472529d ago

The man was just playing a demo 360 station & it caught fire to the kiosk.

kaveti66162529d ago

Come on man. Just tell us what your previous account was.

No Way2529d ago

He's Nasim!!!!!!! :D lol.

xX TriiCKy Xx2529d ago

Hm...Heat problems perhaps? :P

Gago2529d ago

OMG that title made me laugh so much

i think everyone at some point has wanted to burn down gamestop lol

murcielago42529d ago

he was playing kinect lol.

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Sirhc922529d ago

damn gamers are just as crazy as ever. not a surprise. remember the dude that drove his girlfriend over the side of the road because she took his PS3 from him! O_O

Shield2529d ago

He only wanted the hot titles! ;-P

UnSelf2529d ago

he was on fire in 2K11

even Game couldnt Stop him

JoySticksFTW2529d ago

Guess he wanted a fire sale :P

JoySticksFTW2529d ago

Yeah, well... They can't all be gems

Let's see you try some puns, peanut gallery

redDevil872529d ago

The bugs in New Vegas drove him nuts

Count2529d ago

I hope it doesn't end badly.

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The story is too old to be commented.