EA MMA Is Better Than UFC, No PR Talk Just Proof. Watch The Interview Now

The Battle of MMA and UFC is huge but there has to be a winner and MMA is the champ this time around. UFC is a fantastic game hands down but the extra effort with The features, and simpler gameplay alone gives EA the edge with this title.

The interview below explains so much about how deep the online is, create a player feature, Live commentary and more. This game takes the overall sports genre to a new level even more so than the great NBA 2K11.

Everyone must pay attention to what MMA is and how it's going to change sports gaming, they have created a trend that now must be followed in the gaming industry now see for yourself.


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NYC_Gamer2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

both games are lackluster in my opinion....hope EA&THQ step their game up next round..both titles have couple of things done right though...

Joostin2707d ago

Whoa they do disappear in the dark! I thought that was just a racist stereotype.

Sorry HHG...just joshin around.

Grown Folks Talk2707d ago

Didn't even check the controls. Went towards the dude, pushed random buttons, had him on the ground & tapped him out with an armbar in 8 seconds total. Immediate demo delete.