Q&A: Levine surfs BioShock's wake

2K Boston head talks about launch woes of first person delicately handling the game's ethical choices, and concerns with landing an M-rating.

In 2K Boston's new first-person shooter BioShock, a wealthy industrialist builds an undersea utopia called Rapture, only to see it evolve into a nightmarish world populated with mutated psychopaths.

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ShiftyLookingCow4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

"You know those giant shipping containers on boats? Some guy had one of those shipping containers with half of the Big Daddy figures for the world in them and it slipped out of a crane loop and fell onto the dock. And cracked a zillion of the Big Daddy figures. If course, they didn't make two times as many figures as they expected to need, so we ended up with a bunch of people getting broken Big Daddies."

Great Explanation. lol. at least they are giving a printed art book.

i Shank u4131d ago

that sucks a$$ about the container full of big daddies. that crane operator should be turned into a little sister pronto. overall its good to hear the good news about bioshock and it doing well. this game deserves some damn props