Post Release Support - A Developers Obligation?

In the internet age, it’s easier than ever for games to be kept up to date: new content, balance fixes for the multiplayer component and, arguably the most important, bug fixes. But how much of an obligation do developers have once their game is released?

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Dramscus2771d ago

It depends on the game/type of game. Single player only games should be put out finished and complete, with a possibility for a patch if there are serious enough bugs.
Any game with a multiplayer component. Not just to keep things fresh but because there are vast amounts of statistical data that can only be gotten after release. Which then should be used to balance online gameplay to make it more fun for the people playing it.
For games that are online only this is even more important, not only should they be balanced post release they should have additional content created and added to them. Free and in DLC form to keep the game sustainable.

lodossrage2771d ago

It's situational.

If this is a single player only game, then there should be NO need for dlc. If something is meant to be part of the single player game, then it SHOULD be on the game disc or original download if its a psn or xlba game. That adding stuff to single player is nonsense in my opinion. Put the game out when it's DONE and not before plain and simple.

Now on the Multiplayer part, yes to some extent developers should be obligated to that. Because if they want people to play their product for weeks, months, and years at a time, it's their job to give people a REASON to stick with their product.

barefootgamer2771d ago

I don't see the need for much of the DLC released these days, but I do think devs have an obligation to release it. It's become an industry norm, and to not release DLC might have a negative impact on the company.

Personally, though, I hardly see the need for most DLC and rarely ever buy it.

athmaus2771d ago

I dont really see much need for DLC but patch support yes

jzungre2771d ago

developers aren't obligated to do anything and game reviewers should start evaluating games based on what they are, not what they should be.

jzungre2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Or what they "think" it should be.

not every game needs multiplayer, actually I think most games don't. Heck, not every game needs single player for that matter. Just do something well, and take some risks.

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