Review Tampering Rumors Flood Twitter

The Twitter universe is abuzz today with rumors that bad reviews of Fallout New Vegas are being pulled. Dan Hsu, in particular, has been twittering up a storm about several sites having reviews removed under pressure from advertisers. Brutal Gamer reports.

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Dramscus2826d ago

how dubious.
I am rather unsurprised however.
It's probably a really good game, same as fallout 3 was a good game.
It probably like fallout 3 (and most multiplatform games) is loaded with a horrifying amount of bugs and glitches. Which had it been a less anticipated and advertised game by a smaller company would be mercilessly bashed into oblivion.

rroded2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Nothing new just another soulless corporation leveraging its assets...

If you liked the last one this ones probably just fine. If you like games that work wait a bit n pick it up on the pc after the modders fix it...

Dramscus2826d ago

any game made with this engine should be purchased for pc.
The console versions are always gimped. The mods for the pc version make the games ten to a hundred times better.
Seriously some amasing shit.

Dramscus2826d ago

To the disagree.
Consoles Can't get this

or this


Just for starters.
I haven't looked into fallout3 mods as my current pc can't run it but I'm sure their similarly bad ass.

Perjoss2826d ago

Not played it so I cant give my own opinion (only comes out here tomorrow). But the comments sections of negative reviews have people saying that the game is very good and does not deserve a low score. Other comments include the overall atmosphere is better than Fallout 3 as is the story.

I'm not too happy how they have recycled enemies from F3 like the scorpions and ghouls seen in screenshots and gameplay videos.

moosehound2826d ago

In the eye of the beholder after all.

What I'm trying to say is I guess that if you think your game is definitely better than the score given then you're in your right to object. Some sites & reviewers will go out of their way to hand out an extreme score just for notoriety . If Bethesda thought this was the case then they are surely in their rights to refuse to support the site financially with ads etc.
It comes down to the site doing an honest review and bring prepared to stand behind it.

averyzoe2826d ago

but it makes you really start to doubt some of the reviewers. If it's a high score, maybe it's just to appease their contacts. If it's a low score, maybe they are just exaggerating to bring in pageviews.

Perjoss2826d ago

I wish more sites and magazines ditched the number system and just gave a well written opinion with no numbers at the end. More people would actually read reviews instead of skipping to the score. I like reviews where they sumarize with a list of pros and cons (or liked / disliked) at the end.

NoNeedForAName2826d ago

New Vegas is not a bad game, the gameplay/graphics/and most importantly, the story are all pretty decent from what I've played so far. What gives the game low scores are the glitches and bugs. I think that Bethesda/Obsidion should ignore the bad reviews and work on patches to fix the game. Then go back to the different websites and ask them to re-review the "finished" game and see what happens. It's sad that they have to do that but that's what happens when you release an unfinished product to the public.

Akagi2826d ago

Why can't they just pay the reviewers like everyone else?


BillOreilly2826d ago

this is why i watch gameplay vids and see what real people say about a game. i thought fallout 3 was ok but waaaay overhyped. I much prefer wrpgs like dragons age, divinity, and mass effect. I guess it felt kind of boring but i did like the story and the world so i will try new vegas and make up my mind as i like obsidian and enjoyed their games even alpha protocol.