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GameDynamo says, "Most Nintendo fans were more than pleased with the idea of a Kirby made out of yarn, battling his way though exciting levels made out of patchwork, fabrics, strings, buttons, and pretty much anything that you would find in someone’s sewing basket. Granted, the unique visual style might not be initially appealing to everyone, but its undeniable charm will end up conquering even the most cynical players. "

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Dramscus2893d ago


I'm sorry but I just find nintendo games uninteresting. I know their experimenting with slightly different styles with this game, and it's being received very well. I guess I'm just waaaay out of the target audience.

Keith Olbermann2893d ago

I was watching my kids play and I had to try it. I was having fun with it.

Dramscus2893d ago

I will my gf and her friends are wii enthusiasts.

N4GAddict2893d ago

My favorite Wii game this year

eagle212893d ago

Getting this real soon. :)