Bioshock Continues To Dominate GameFly Weekly Requests

This week's top rental charts from U.S. game rental company GameFly, representing the most requested games for the week ending August 27, reveals that Bioshock remains the top requested game overall for the fourth straight week. Stranglehold (Xbox 360) and Xbox 360 exclusive Blue Dragon take the second and third overall spot respectively.

What follows is a breakdown of the top titles requested by GameFly subscribers across each of the major platforms:

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boodybandit4103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

but why did I find it under the PS3 section?
I have yet to take the wrapper off of this title yet. I can't believe it myself but I just haven't had the time yet.

i rule4103d ago

this is the game of the year.. ONLY ON VISTA AND 360!

rccola1594103d ago

Sadly, Bioshock isn't even known by most of my friends. If Halo 3 wasn't coming out, this would certainly be GOTY, but judging on how crazy people are getting over H3, I doubt it wont win.

Cat4103d ago

bioshock is a good game, and i think it is and will continue to get the recognition it deserves. as popular as halo is i think creating a completely new game is more valuable to gamers than continuing a franchise, i welcome something different. when it comes time for the handing out of shiny pretty trophies, halo may win but bioshock has its place in the halls of awesomeness. ;)

rushbd4103d ago

Great to hear that. But how is this related to PS3 ?

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