Dead Space: Ignition Review | Spawn Kill

Stephanie "Tigresa" Palermo of Spawn Kill reviews the digital crime of a game that is Dead Space: Ignition, a true insult to the solid franchise.

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ShadowPraxis2739d ago

I remember when EA announced this one during a press conference a couple of months ago. Wasn't sure what to make of it then. Still not too sure what to make of it now. I suppose those cheap achievements are nice if I get around to pre-ordered DS2 sometime soon...

theherp802739d ago

I wouldnt mind it if they just tossed this into DS2 with only the comic motion story because I wouldn't mind watching that before i played the game. Don't really want to play through all the other crap just to get to it though.

K-Tuck2739d ago

That doesn't sound too good at all.

Snarkasaur2739d ago

This is disappointing. I hate seeing anything associated with Dead Space getting shit on.