Top 10 Crossovers We'd Most Like To See

Dealspwn Writes: With the recent news of a Professor Layton/Phoenix Wright game, a partnership sure to delight DS owners and puzzle gamers alike, we at Dealspwn thought we’d bump noggins and fantasize on what crossovers we’d most like to see. We’re talking bitter rivals shaking hands with clenched teeth, all for our videogame-related pleasure. So, let us ponder no longer, and move on to The Top 10 Crossovers We’d Most Like To See!

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Takoulya2855d ago

I personally like the prospect of GeoW and Halo. Kind of reminds me of the Master Chief costume in Fable 2.

N4GAddict2855d ago

That would be a great crossover

tacosRcool2855d ago

Would be the lamest crossover.

johnthe5th2855d ago

I don't care how different they are, they were always meant to be. I don't even like Halo that much...

Venox20082854d ago

but crossover with metroid would be awesome, and master chief could be infected with phazon and be one of the boses :D