Three things Assassin’s Creed 2 got wrong, and what Ubisoft’s doing about it

VGD's Edwin goes head-to-head with Ubisoft’s Julien Laferrière. Just how will Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood rectify the second instalment's flaws?

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Edwin852650d ago

AC2 was overrated IMO, but then I'm not so keen on open world games

N4GAddict2650d ago

It was good, definitely better than the first

acky12650d ago

First game was brilliant and the second improved a lot in the gameplay and I also enjoyed the setting more.

I just realised AC is actually one of my favourite game series but I don't think brotherhood needs to exist, could have been nicely rounded off with modern day Desmond as the story was hinting towards. Also don't think every game needs online, and this is definately one of them.

Great series regardless.

tacosRcool2650d ago

Yes it was.

I don't really like the idea of Brotherhood. It reminds me of MMO's...

Gambit072650d ago

The 1st one was overrated, 2nd one was much better.

PirosThe4th2650d ago

Story wise none of them are overrated ! xD

Imperator2650d ago

If it hadn't been for UC2, AC2 would have been my GOTY. I'm looking forward to AC:B

N4GAddict2650d ago

Good to seem them addressing the issues

Syu2650d ago

brand new video-interview. look into it and app it :)

Relientk772650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Seriously? #3

Too many features... I LOVED that there was soo many different features, it was may more diverse not as repetitive as the first

I loved Assassin's Creed 2 it was one of my fav games in this generation, enjoyed it from beginning to end, and got the Plat. trophy

lastdual2650d ago

My biggest beef with AC2 was simply the inability to replay story missions.

Redempteur2650d ago

that's really something that annoyed me too

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The story is too old to be commented.