Strategy Informer: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Review

Strategy Informer writes: "Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 has a split personality. On the one hand it’s a fighting videogame, while on the other it’s an RPG nestled cosily inside an anime story. Long time fans of the cartoon series will be familiar with the tale of young ninja-in-training Naruto and Team 7, and if you’re not then at first this game’s Story Mode will leave you completely confused. Much like watching Urotsukidoji: Legend Of The Overfiend. But just like with Urotsukidoji, Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is compelling enough to see through to the bitter end."

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Myst2769d ago

I think the game is great, but at the same time I do agree with this review. The loading screens are certainly a bother [especially after the initial install time from the beginning]. I still think the boss battles were done quite well in this one versus the first one. Also not like the fact that there is no dash button of any sort and given a jump button. What the heck is the purpose? The first one had a very nice wide array of things one could do from jumping, dashing and just calling clones to throw. It was just more 'fun' in a way.

Still a good game, and really agree with the review. Still think it's one of the best works cyberconnect2 has done as well. Especially after getting to the end of most of the boss fights. Pain v Jiraya

RedDead2769d ago

Pain vs sage jiraiya is amazing imo.