Concerns of Addiction, Race, and Penises in Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer

Call of Duty: Black Ops has some awesome new features in store for multiplayer. How could things go wrong? Let's take a look.

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RockYou2893d ago

what an intriguing title....

DarkBlood2893d ago

yeah what a odd title o.O

Scary692892d ago

WTH I want a female soldier FFS! :-D

Klipz-Wish2893d ago

The article is actually pretty good shouldn't judge a book by its cover

chadneil1234567892893d ago

yea but what does penis have anything to do with the game

DirtyLary2893d ago

It has to do with the millions of kids racing to add penis sprays to their guns.

I can already hear the giggling.

rod_furlong2893d ago

yeah, if you read it I'm pretty sure it'll turn you gay. Much like the 'Confirmed Bachelor' perk in Fallout: New Vegas.

Call_me_Ishmael2893d ago

whats with the title,what do they have customizable c0cks?

Garrus_Vakarian2893d ago

Just another reason NOT to buy Black Ops.


Sadie21002893d ago

What are the other reasons?

Saryk2893d ago

I can understand the author’s points. The penis reference is custom-able gun signs. He thinks that the immature player will be putting obscene pictures on their guns. I have to disagree, all Modern Warfare players are the most mature community of gamers around (just for the one who don’t know, I am full of shit). I do not like the idea of players not being able to customize the ethnicity of the player. I think all gamers should have the ability to create a character as well as anyone else, be it female, black, white or anything in between.

DirtyLary2893d ago

It would all be abused in the end.

FragMnTagM2893d ago

The COD community is the biggest bunch of cheating ass modding mother f'ers in the world. You better bet your ass that there will be tons of phallus's on guns as well as faces.

inveni02892d ago

When I used to play COD, I quit because of the lame community. It was way better on PS3 than 360, but the maturity level doesn't even touch a game like Killzone 2's community.

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