Beer, Smokes, & Games: Insomniac CEO Urges Game Sites to Rally Against Proposed California Game Law Ah the good ol’ days. Gathering around a coffee table with underage friends, snorting lines coke off the Super Mario tinted mirror, chugging Mega Man beer, and satisfying Yoshi’s severe case of the munchies.

Unfortunately, future generations may not be able to enjoy these simple pleasures thanks to a proposed California gaming law that, according to Insomniac Games CEO, Ted Price, aims to treat video games as “restricted substances – similar to cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.”

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greeneggsnsam2768d ago

Unbelievable. Are the people behind this sort of legislation completely bonkers?

KingNintendoFanboy2768d ago

I think they are. I think this clearly shows that to this day many individuals don't know much about gaming.

Dramscus2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

See the problem is that there is at least a two generation gap between people in politics and people in the world.

You go back like a generation and people think gaming is an abomination of evil that keeps children from playing outdoors. You go back another generation they just want to spit on its grave. Not to mention that most politicians are publicly religious, possibly not because it's how they feel but to gain the large demographic of conservative votes.
The 50's were an ideal decade for conservatives and they want it back.

ExPresident2768d ago


I'm a conservative and I don't support this attack on games. Its the parents responsibility to monitor what their children access but because the government can't control them it'll go after publishers and developers directly.

Elven62768d ago

Please check your facts, gaming was pretty popular and mainstream before the crash occurred among the baby boomer generation. They didn't want to spit on anything, they simply lost interest when games became crap and very few bothered going back after the recovery.

Going back even further, pinball, arcades, etc are of their generation or in the case of pinball, centuries back.

-Alpha2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Here are some others:

Women, for example, can't drive in coats.

I sincerely doubt this will get passed, and I strongly question the power to control it if it does.

Correct me if I'm wrong but there are numerous proposed laws that don't even make it.

I do see his concern though. It'd be terrible if such a law would take developers out of business. In Canada if you are under a certain age you make someone older buy it for you. Or at the very least the clerk informs you. Parents don't give a crap, except for the fact that they pay for the game.

I do not see how it is possible to track this sort of law, but I do definitely see the issue of reduced sales, but I think the same method of parents buying games for under-aged kids will continue

Lucreto2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )


You are right it is the parents responsibility but sadly some conservative do't see it that way.

People just want an easy solution and would rather just ban them than doing a bit of work.

What I find odd it that conservatives want small government but this bill is big government which they seem to support.

They support big government when it suits them.

Activision has put a lot on money in to defeat the bill. Even if it is for selfish reasons the money will help the cause.


I hope yo are right but they way the US politics are going at the moment anything is possible.

Imperator2768d ago

We just have to wait for all these old dinosaurs to die off. Once new generation politicians take control, I don't think there will be as much hate on gaming.

ExPresident2768d ago

@ Lucreto:

You do realize that liberals currently control the house, and senate right? If people are truly worried about this passing then they should be blaming the democrats for pushing it through, they can clearly stop or push through anything they want before November as they've proven with recent crap.

As far as determining what should be and should not be a parents responsibility the liberals don't have a good track record of allowing parents to control their kids.

Lucreto2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )


This is Schwarzenegger's law going in front of the supreme court.

A Republican governor has been working on it for months and most of the people supporting are right-wing nuts. You can't pin this on the democrats.

Liberals as you put them don't really scare kids with eternal damnation for even having a dirty thought. I have seen it over and over again religious parents banning games with any killing in it and keeping to the sex before marriage thing to keep their kids in line.

Liberals as you put them are more likely to to use reason even if the kid ignore them and do it anyway it is a live and learn story.

HSx92768d ago

LOL @ the subliminal hidden message in the article picture (the TV)

irepbtown2768d ago

Doesn't California want to legalize cannabis or marijuana or something like that?

There are other concerns. Glad i live in UK though.

irepbtown2768d ago

If this affects me in England, i will sure as hell go to The supreme court with the best lawyer in the world.

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number472768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Thank the halo & cod kiddies.

Parents dont monitor 'video games' because they think they are for children.

More and more, this is looking like the last generation of console gaming i'll participate in.Long live indie & pc gaming.Ted price shouldn't be alone here. EA/Activision/Sony/Epic need to be stepping up to the plate.

-Alpha2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Why blame the kiddies? The most dramatic news come from the 30-something year olds who neglect their own kiddies' well-being and throw girlfriends out running cars because they are too busy ranking up in World of Warcraft or trying to get their PlayStation back.

number472768d ago

Alpha, those are few and far between. You clearly know thats the exception. Who do you think the law is for? I mean use your brain here. Educate yourself and read the legislation. They aren't protecting 30 somethings.. or 40 somethings... from videogames with these proposals. Its once again to save the children from these things. Unlike any industry out there, Video games don't have a voice from a mature/respected demographic. Even the most popular execs and developers act like children themselves, and model their lives after Tony Stark.

You can pretend that the 4-10 people who have fallen to some freak act of violence over the age of 30 is what the government wants to prevent. But no, its the ADD & Ridalin addicted children that are the poster child- for videogaming. These are the kids who most fear can't tell the difference between the gaming world, and the real world. For some reason in gaming, Parents aren't seen as responsible.

INehalemEXI2768d ago

Uhh I don't think those are cigs in the picture that looks like a straw and she looks like shes going to snort like Tony Montana.

Aleusia2768d ago

why would you put a cigarette up your nose? that doesn't make any sense

Nostradavis2768d ago

It's based on public perception. You see things like Columbine go down and now video games are the root of all evil. Give me a break. Has anyone seen a SAW movie in the past 5 years?

despair2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

so some stupid Americans (just the ones who support the law) make a fuss and the rest of the world has to suffer because game developers will make lesser games to get lower age ratings in america/california(not sure what the scope of the law is)... The end times are near.

CrzyFooL2768d ago

As a stupid American I resemble that remark!!

irepbtown2768d ago

I've always said as long as movies like SAW, Silent hill etc are out there, Video games shouldnt be a problem. If someone who is against this in court makes this point (i dont know how it works, so help me out)about movies, then the judge will most likely turn in our favour.

Someone said Developers and Puplishers will be targeted. I dont think so, as its only the state of California right, so it wont effect the whole world. Developers will just avoid California, how?
Publishers make sure the games arent delivered to California.

Call_me_Ishmael2768d ago

i think this is because some game devs take it way to far,like

WLPowell2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

paintings, sculpture, film, TV, and music can celebrate Rape to high heaven and they're protected by the constitution as should video games.

I'm sure you've murdered millions of people in video games without blinking an eye... Rape ain't that bad in scope. Don't blame the rapeplay series.

This is just the same as when politicians tried to pin the failure of bad parenting on comic books and Dungeons and Dragons (see it sounds utterly retarded in this day and age doesn't it?)

irepbtown2768d ago

Again, movies.
Everything that you see in video games, i'm sure you will find in movies.

Stupid if the Supreme Court allows this bull$hit.

wakash2768d ago

stupid politicians always trying to fuck with our games...

CrzyFooL2768d ago

Gamers keep thinking this case will just GO AWAY. Until they wake up one morning and find out they can't buy M rated games anymore because they don't exist.

Sandwich Bender2768d ago

True, this stuff is kinda scary.

Dan502768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Have a total outlawing of violent games.

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