Catherine: Secret Pizza Polygon Model Revealed

It turns out that Soejima created the promo image, which was used for a Famitsu advertisement at the game's announcement, by using Catherine's in-game model as a base.

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jc485732831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

i'm hungry.

Cloudberry2831d ago

His Persona 3 & 4 designs are great, in my opinion.

THE MAX SPEED 212831d ago

Ok we get it there's a girl in the game. Can we get some gameplay now?

Redempteur2831d ago

seeing what the team did before i'm not even having doubts on the gameplay.
in fact i really don't care they are improving their world and that's more than enough ( for me ) to be intrested

Baka-akaB2831d ago

funny enough i dont even care , and say bring on the useless info .

I'm confident enough after their past game to know i'm getting it , and will be happy .

UltimateIdiot9112831d ago

So when is this game coming out in the US?

Xof2831d ago

On the one hand, I love the idea of a 'Persona' type game with a more mature focus... on the other hand, I'm reminded of how easily this could devolve into some shallow softcore porno.

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