Fallout New Vegas review scores delight Obsidian

Verdicts have developer in 'good spirits', says designer

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Philoctetes2857d ago

If I could rack up a bunch of 8s and 9s for a buggy, freezy game using a four year old engine, I'd be delighted too.

TheColbertinator2857d ago

Its partly Obsidian's fault but the issue lies on the outdated and horrendous engine Gamebryo.I think bethesda needs to scrap that engine now and get id Tech 5 on all their games.

Pandamobile2857d ago

Oh god, Fallout 4 on idTech 5 *jizzinmypants*

tacosRcool2857d ago

And it will sell better than Enslaved that for sure

Lazy_Gamer2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Good for them. But, I don't think the players are delighted with all these bugs, glitches and technical issues ....

N4GAddict2857d ago

I hope they patched it soon

visualb2857d ago

played PC version for 6+ hours, not ONE crash, its running better than FO3 ever did.

only bugs have been one or two really creepy ones with strange clipping on beasts, but they disappeared and was all good

seems the biggest/worst bugs are on Consoles.

I keep telling people, and its true, DISABLE ALL AUTOSAVES. it works!

N4GAddict2857d ago

New Vegas is great even with the glitches

VictoriousB132857d ago

Well after the travesty that was Alpha Protocol, they should be happy they didn't repeat failure.

NYC_Gamer2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

guess they are happy that reviewers skip over the many faults of NV and reward it with good scores...another mainstream game getting the free pass treatment...

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