Game Consoles Used to Watch Video by Over 20% of Consumers

With both the Wii and PS3 now offering disc-less Netflix streaming options, and both the PS3 and Xbox 360 offering plenty of video content through their online networks, it's clear that video game consoles have become multi-faceted devices not focused solely on games. Consumers seem to be warming up to this fact, as a new report, Over-the-Top TV: A Complete Video Landscape, from Knowledge Networks (KN) shows that 21% of consumers age 13-54 now use a game console to watch TV shows or movies at least once per month, whether on DVD/Blu-ray or streaming.

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SuperStrokey11232679d ago

Im kinda surprised its not higher, i use mine for that all the time so does my wife. Its a fantastic bonus to a gaming console.

Anon19742678d ago

I agree, I'm surprised that it's not higher but at the same time - these are game consoles. One of the most ridiculous things I heard back when the PS3 launched is "Yeah! Everyone's buying it as a Blu-Ray player." When you looked at the sales stats at the time the number of Blu-Ray's sold (and not all to PS3 owners) were dwarfed by worldwide PS3 games sales showing that without a doubt games were bigger than Blu-ray's at the start. Yet every time sales would come up you'd find some parrot yelling "Der! PS3's are only being sold as blu-ray players."

I use one of my PS3's primarily as a media center, the other as a game console but 360's/Wii's/PS3's are game consoles, first and foremost.

donniebaseball2679d ago

Yeah I use both PS3 and 360 for Netflix constantly. Works really well.

Hades13372679d ago

I use Sky Player on my Xbox as much as to do playing games on it.

Call_me_Ishmael2679d ago

well its gonna keep rising as casual gamer slowly learn to
utilize their consoles.