GK | Quantum Theory Review | PS3

Jim Hargreaves reviews KOEI Tecmo's latest title, Quantum Theory, a somewhat generic third person shooter with an incredibly weak plot focus.

"After a devastating global conflict, the world is left in tatters. The few survivors try to piece together the remnants of civilisation. Several towers known as Arks are spread across the Earth’s surface; the humans believe they hold the knowledge needed to restore the planet, but the Arks are protected by Nosferatu, a humanoid race of guardians. To make matters worse, a chaotic substance known as the Diablosis has begun to corrupt what is left of the remaining human settlements, mutating them into hordes of mindless golems. With time running out for mankind, a brave band of soldiers rally together to tear out the heart of the Diablosis. Players assume the role of Syd, a soldier whose only purpose in life is to destroy every single Ark on the planet. His crusade brings him to the Living Tower where the Diablosis resides."

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