New CoD: Black Ops video reveals new game mode – Gun Game

Gamersmint: We have a brand new CoD: Black Ops video uploaded by a Youtube user, which reveals a new game mode of the game known as Gun Game in which the first player to score a kill with every weapon present in- game wins.

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gameseveryday2611d ago

Shit...this is huge. I dont see any reason why Black Ops will be the best COD game out there, even better than MW!

evrfighter2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

dude where you been the past few months?

this was confirmed a long time ago

btw. fully expect to see surf and aim maps in the next cod.

it'll be called CSS: CoD edition.

tacosRcool2611d ago

Agreed. I like how Activision likes to rip off other games and call it original

kunit22c2611d ago

I Really wish they would have brought back the rival that you get, that they had in World at War, I really like that..

Shackdaddy8362611d ago

I hate how they gave credit for GG to the MW1 community. Just complete ignorance...

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JsonHenry2611d ago


This game is fun. Been playing in it counter strike for at least 8 years now on the PC.. about time someone else decided to use it.

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JackD2611d ago

"new game mode" *cough* CSS *cough*

VonAlbrecht2611d ago

best part is, everyone's going to think that Treyarch is so innovative and creative when in reality they're blatantly ripping off Counter-Strike.

DirtyLary2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

What makes me laugh is all these people hated on Treyarch back with the [email protected] release and the news of MW2 releasing. Now they are all riding their nuts.


SKUD2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

I think if they did build a game it would end up something like this.....LMAO. That last boss battle with Urkel would be a b!tch!.

retrofly2611d ago

i don't think anyones trying to pretend its not from Counter Strike. Wasn't just created by a modder anyway.
Its also kind of like saying you can't play CTF becuase it was copied from Quake 10 years ago.

JeffGUNZ2611d ago

I doubt everyone in a lemming. I for one did not prefer Treyarch AFTER COD4 because they stuck with the WW2 theme and that has been done to death. They have actually turned my view of them completely around with what they have done with black ops. They have re-balanced the multiplayer and added great things. I am pleasently surprised at what I am seeing. I guess changing ones mind is a lemming in your world.

DirtyLary2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

the majority of haters, just hate cause that's what they read on the forums. No cause, no proof.Lemmings, bandwagoners, it's all the same.

Are you really going to hate a dev team because the powers that be employed them to make a WW2 themed game. Silly.

Gaming goes in trends, we had WW2, now modern day warfare and an overdose of zombies. Next is space?

JeffGUNZ2611d ago

I never "hated" treyarch, as I said above, I didn't prefer them because I was tired of the WWII theme. The weapons felt cheap and dated (which they obviously were). At this current time, the modern combat is the popular theme for shooters, so yea, I was really hoping they would have made the leap to something more relevant. It was extremely hard to play COD4 and then want to GO BACK to WWII.

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