GameBlurb: Fallout New Vegas Review

One of our staff members on GameBlurb (I won’t name him!) disappeared for about a good month when Fallout 3 made its way onto the market. It had a similar result for me as I had engrossed myself into the futuristic post-apocalyptic world of the Wasteland. Now Obsidian has taken hold of making a whole new story way out into the Mojave Wasteland. Does the team that’s comprised of former Black Isle Studio vets have what it takes to suck me back in?

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MicrocutsX22744d ago

Wow, with all those glitches and poor visuals he still liked the game? Wow maybe I should get it or wait for tempting now.

jaidek2744d ago

Bethesda must drug the reviewers. How else can a game with so many glitches get such rave reviews?

RahatR2744d ago

Haha yes I did. The game actually is well worth your time if you can get yourself immersed into it.

Blacktric2744d ago

Another one that calls himself a "gamer" but judges a game by its visuals. Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines must be one of the most buggy games of all time and yet it's still a classic and it always will be. Just like New Vegas.

liquidxtension2744d ago

Considering I liked the last the one and spend endless hours on it, it's a no brainier for me to get this game. Better than Fallout 3 he says? I'm looking forward to seeing that.

RahatR2744d ago

Aside from the opening, the writing is top notch!