Eyepet Move Bundle in Short Supply; Selling Out at Retail

"We recently reported that Sony’s new motion controller,PlayStation Move, has been selling quite well throughout its first few weeks on the market. Well, if you plan on picking up the recently released PlayStation Move Eyepet Bundle, you may want to be sure that your local retailer has some available, as it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get your hands on the combo."

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doctorstrange2829d ago

Yeah, if anyone wants this for Christmas, I would recommend getting it right now, before they all go

NJShadow2829d ago

I wasn't sold on it until I saw some of the gameplay videos, which were actually pretty cool. That, and the fact that it actually records you and plays back memories in Eyepet's dream bubbles... now that's pretty sweet. B)

Gambit072829d ago

I've seen the stand alone, but not the bundle.

T3mpr1x2829d ago

Could be why this particular bundle is selling out then, if it's only available at one store.

blackburn52829d ago

Where are the people who said Move won't sell or will only probably sell two. I would to see what they have to say now.