White Knight Chronicles 2 English Voice Recording Underway

Level 5’s PS3 exclusive online rpg White Knight Chronicles 2 has been in the hands of Japanese gamers since early Summer while the rest of the world continues to wait for an official release date for the localized version of the game.

Level 5 hasn’t announcement any news regarding the overseas release of the sequel as of yet, but fans of the mmorpg may be happy to hear that English voice recordings for White Knight Chronicles 2 has begun

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TheHater2770d ago

was waiting on something about the english version of this game

Kain812770d ago

I could not wait for the US/EU version Imported the JP version of WKC,
hope the US/EU version has WKC in WKC2 too like the JP WKC2...

BillOreilly2770d ago

How is it i cant wait played for few hours of the first so im hyped it has both on a disk

Chris3992770d ago

And they actually called it what it is: an "MMORPG".

I am still a tad interested to see how the single-player story pans out. Shame that it only picked up in the last 1/4 of the game.

dangert122770d ago

WOO WOO still gotta complete the first

Abash2770d ago

An improved version of the first game is suppose to be included with WKC2

despair2770d ago

lets hope they don't remove the improved version from US/EU release.

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Lucreto2770d ago

I wonder if it will be packed with the 2 games like in Japan.

Abash2770d ago

I really enjoyed the first WKC, but it had some issues. WKC2 is to supposed to be much better, so I can't wait to play it

nefertis2770d ago

please be true *fingers crossed*

KiasuKiasiMan2770d ago

"Level 5’s PS3 exclusive online rpg" wait what?

Anyway great news though I guess it'll get a release second half of next year at earliest.

Redempteur2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

let's see

made by LEVEL 5
exclusive to sony consoles
online yes so big that you need +400 hours of online to platinium it
rpg's a rpg alright

so ..what's the problem , KiasuKiasiMan ?

Minimox162770d ago

350 hours here and still dont near of the platinum T_T...

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The story is too old to be commented.