Minecraft "Fans" Launch DDoS Attack on

"Fans" of the hit indie title Minecraft have decided to launch a DDoS attack on the Minecraft servers due to Notch's inability to update the game as frequently in the past few months.

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Dr Face Doctor2775d ago

If this is the case, and please excuse my language, then these guys are retarded. It's not like Notch has servers, offices, sales, employees to worry about before he can even think about magically whipping up an update at will without the need to program or test or anything. It's not like these DDOS attacks might be slowing down his progress of updating, oh no, that would be ridiculous!

Seriously, if these idiots think that Notch is denying them updates for some kind of sick pleasure rather than the more likely fact that people just don't pull updates out of their asses, and if they think the only way to make updates come faster is to DDOS an indie dev's website, then they're going to have a long wait.

BacteriaEP2775d ago

Also, there is, literally, a huge update planned for Halloween, what the hell are these idiots thinking?

evrfighter2775d ago

This is stupid. This was done some punk 4chan idiot who let operation payback get to their head. Botnets gave them a way to fight back the man. But these idiots have just proven that the power they received has corrupted them and are no better than the people they've been standing up to.

I was all for operation payback but now f*ck operation payback and f*ck anonymous.

Redempteur2775d ago

a /b/ user on 4chan that is a moron ??

what a news!! /s

RyuDrinksTheDew2775d ago

couldnt agree with you more. this is so asinine that it gave me a headache.

ZeroX98762775d ago

Oh my god!!! Notch is giving them a great game for free or you can pay and have acess to multiplayer online. There's already a big update coming, why would they do that?

HSx92775d ago

lmfao this is hilarious.

ThisPlaceSucksBye2775d ago

We go from discovering fire, to inventing medicines, to curing diseases, to THIS?

****ing human beings.

Motorola2775d ago


KingKiff2775d ago

If aliens took me up on their ship and asked me what I thought of humanity and what they should do with us. I would tell them to whipe every single on of us clean of the face the universe...


we are a sickening virus

KillerPwned2775d ago

Never tried Minecraft been wanting to try it out i suppose.

iamgoatman2775d ago

I downloaded it 2 days ago after wondering what all the fuss was about. I've been playing it constantly ever since. Simple but highly addictive.

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The story is too old to be commented.