Sonic Fan Remix puts SEGA to shame

The Sonic Fan made demo "Sonic Fan Remix" has finally been released, in this Demo there's a big improvement in terms of graphics when comparing to any released Sonic game. Did SEGA made a good effort with Sonic 4 or could they have done better?

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Yi-Long2741d ago

Played this today. THIS is what we Sonic fans want to see!

Sega should definitely be ashamed, considering basically 1 guy did this where whole teams of Sega-developers failed.

hay2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Download it people as soon as you can before SEGA will C&D it...

And yeah, Sonic 4 has NOTHING on this game. I'd pay for this wonder.

Yi-Long2741d ago

... I guess Sega can't cope with screwing up the Sonic License year after year after year after year, and then this kid shows up and does a brilliant job at what Sega should have been doing!

GodsHand2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Damm, that's nice. This guy should start a company, and call it Ages, see what I did there spell Sega backawards. Anyway, excellent job, keep on the good work.

morkendo232741d ago

on previous sonic posting SEGA should hire this kid and produce his game art style.

FanboyPunisher2741d ago

hire the whole team, it was made by enough people they should all get a job; bet they'd make a better game too.

specialguest2741d ago

Only possible on the Sega Genesis!

dredgewalker2741d ago

It looks and sounds really good. This is a work of love and I agree with everyone that Sega should be ashamed of being upped by a single person. Kudos to the guy and I hope that he finds a great career in game making.

HDgamer2741d ago

just downloaded and tried the demo out. This is the game I grew up with, well the gameplay. Sega should retire and sell the franchise named Sonic.

lightningsax2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

This guy should be insanely proud of what he did. If anyone within SEGA has a shred of cognizance, they would pull a Valve - hire the guy, have him lead the full game project, and reinvigorate the Sonic franchise.

I mean, Sega had the right basic idea with Sonic 4 - bring it back to basics. The episodic thing, the wonky physics, and the weird graphics screwed it up. They could undo that stuff if they Portal-ed this game and creator.

Blinding_Solo2741d ago

These guys have more talent than the sonic team. Sad really sad I have to say. Hand over sonic to these guys so sonic can come back from from hell and get his wings back. Sega= lost talent Fan made team= talent with a very good vision for the series. Can I also say that the demo is dynamic.

hennessey862741d ago

even got weather they need to get this guy for episode 2

MEsoJD2741d ago

made me cry

Sega sucks

FACTUAL evidence2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

I can't start it. I'm stuck at the press start screen.....I pressed eneter, F5....num lock and 5. I pressed everything now...IDK...I want to play.

EDIT: Ok finaLLY played it. It's cool. All it really is is the old sonic from sega with different art.....sega could of done that but guess they wanted S4 to be different, but sort of the same feeling.

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TrevorPhillips2741d ago

I just played this today over a billion times lol.

I'm sorry SEGA but this one is much better then the ones you made.

You guys should make this into an actual game for the 360 and PS3.

Redempteur2741d ago



the animation is very good considering it's fan made , almost what's needed in retail but the most impressive is the overall feeling while watching it ..

it feels like sonic 3 ..

LiquifiedArt2741d ago

are we are in line with the orignial sonics. Sonic 4 had very wonky physics.

Shadow Flare2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Sega should be ashamed of themselves

16 years and sega couldn't even get the fundamental movement of sonic right, the music is horrific and they copy and paste everything from the old games. Then here's 1 guy who gets everything right. The looks, the physics, the music. This is the style we wanted from a remake. Was it Dimps who made Sonic 4? They should be called Gimps

wwm0nkey2741d ago

Hopefully Sega gets the message after this.

THIS right here is what we want in a sonic game.