New Deus Ex: Human Revolution screens are stunning

Gamersmint: We have 7 brand new Deus Ex: Human Revolution screenshots for you and they are simply stunning.

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SuperM2740d ago

The inside screenshots look ok. The rest dont look very good. Not impressed at all.

Hellsvacancy2740d ago

Dunno bout "Mind Blowing" but yeah they look ok

prongs1232740d ago

holy s*** mind bl****** :O. this one is definitely GOTY 2011 for me!

TheIneffableBob2740d ago

I can sorta understand censoring SHIT but why censor BLOWING?

RBLAZE19882740d ago

One of my most anticipated games of next year...

RBLAZE19882740d ago

ok i guess it's not then, I mean i got a disagree lol...

tdrules2740d ago

the amount of bloom certainly stuns

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The story is too old to be commented.