How to manage your Microsoft Points online

Did you know that you can manage your Microsoft Points account online? In addition to the many benefits that vigilant monitoring of your account provides, looking at your spending history from twelve months ago can be kind of fun and interesting.

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dangert122768d ago

I hate MS and Nintendo points
there should be a law about the use of currency used to purchase items in a country with currency all ready in use through out retail i mean things like this are only done to scam that is it

Xander7562768d ago

The only real problem I have with them is that you can only buy them in integers of 400 while there are things that cost like 560 and what not. It's a waste. You should be able to buy them by the 100 so you can purchase how many you need more precisely.

dangert122768d ago

you should be able to spend/buy the exact amount